Tracing one of my family


Afternoon gents,
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes:
Im trying to trace back my family history (ive got it back to 1710 so far).

One of my family was quite obviously in the military, and he seems to have had quite a run around.

I realise this is a long shot, but he was posted as follows:

London 1864
Liverpool 1884
Ireland 1886
Aldershot 1889
Colchester (around) 1895

If there is anyone out there that can tie in these postings to a specific regiment, or really give me any guidance, it would be much appreciated.

Undoubtedly i will find out he was a big gay fairy that followed the army around selling them thai lady boys, but it would be interesting in any case!
To help you narrow down your search,here's a list of the barracks that were in London in 1864:

Barracks ~
Barracks, Upper Albany Street, Regent's Park, PANCRAS [1861]
Hut Barracks, Charlton, Plumstead, LEWISHAM [1861]
Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge, St Margaret, WESTMINSTER [1861]
Militia Barracks, City Road, Finsbury, ST LUKE [1861]
Militia Barracks, Dalston, HACKNEY [1861]
Militia Barracks, Globe Street, Green, BETHNAL GREEN [1861]
Militia Barracks, Hampstead, HAMPSTEAD [1861]
Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich Dockyard, WOOLWICH [1861]
Royal Marine Barracks, St Nicholas Deptford, GREENWICH [1861]
Royal Marine Barracks, Woolwich Dockyard, WOOLWICH [1861]
St George's Barracks, Charing Cross, ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS [1861]
St John's Wood Barracks, St John, MARYLEBONE [1861]
The Barracks, Portman Street, Rectory, MARYLEBONE [1861]
The Magazine Barrack, Hyde Park, ST GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE [1861]
Tower of London Barracks, Aldgate, WHITECHAPEL [1861]
Upper and Lower Cadet Barracks, Woolwich Arsenal, WOOLWICH [1861]
Wellington Barracks, St Margaret, WESTMINSTER [1861]

You have considered that he may have been serving at "Her Majesty's Pleasure" rather than in "Her Majesty's Forces?" 20 years in London sounds more like a sentence than a posting. ;)
could be cavalry
Do you know where he was from?


He was born in Andover, in Hampshire.

Sorry, the first date for London was wrong - it should have read 1880.


War Hero
His service records should be available at the Nation Archives (formerly the Public Records Office) in Kew, mate. Get down there and have a potter or hire a researcher to assist in your quest (I can recommend some if you PM me).