Tracing Medals


I am looking for some help from ARRSELAND in tracing some medals.

My father in law's uncle was killed in the first days of the Battle of Arras in Apr 1917 serving with 7th Bn Suffolk Regt. Tracking down the Medal Record Card at Kew confirms that he was awarded two campaign medals - the medal office subsequently confirm that the medals were issued to NOK (his father) along with the Bronze Plaque that came to the families of those killed.

My father in law's family have never seen the medals (he himself was born 10 years after his uncle's death) but it is most likely that they found themselves onto the market and are sat in a collection somewhere or have been lost.

I am aware that others have traced medals before (particularly since dealers protect themselves from handling stolen goods by keeping detailed records).

Is anyone in ARRSELAND able to help me with a pointer towards any data bases and how to access them?

Many thanks

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