Tracing medals from WW1....( Coldstream Guards)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by slackbladder, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. Hello there,

    I wonder if any of you could help please? I am a serving SNCO (not Army) and looker in on ARRSE, which has brought much interest and amusement, which I thank you. So, I have just found out that a relative of mine was a Captain in the Coldstream Guards and won the MC in WW1. I presume like the RM that this info is stored somewhere like our own Corps historical Dept. Is there an equivalent for the Army or Foot Guards. Also it should (I would have thought) been gazetted, is this traceable?
    Many thanks guys,
  2. SB, You can trace these by contacting the Army medals office at RAF Innsworth! Soon to close and miove to High Wycombe!! Do you have his full name,rank,dob,and Unit? If so no probs if not you should be able to get his record of service from APC Glasgow again you would need his Name ,DOB and Unit! Once you have this contact the medals office.
  3. Don't forget the WW1 Medal Cards are now available on line from the PRO as well or that the London Gazette is also on-line and fully searchable!! Spotters be we!
  4. Thanks again guys, Army records at RAF Innsworth, I won't ask why!
    The online Gazette sounds good.
  5. oldbaldy

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    I've used the national archive for looking up WW1 medal but be careful with spellings. Sometimes the index is incorrect. It took me ages to find my grandfather as a V had been input as an R & when saw the actual card I could understand why.
  6. Slackbladder,

    1. The London Gazette, which is on-line, might give you the citation. Not done this myself though.
    2. The on-line Medals index should also give you some information - like his other medals. I understand that it is not unusual for the medal card to contain more information than is available on the website, so you will have to visit the PRO at Kew.
    3. Look in the War Diaries in the PRO to identify what his Bn was doing at the time. You might need to engage a professional military researcher who knows his/her way around.
    4. Innsworth? I thought post-1922 Army records were still in Hayes, Middx (different access rules for those). The pre-1922 records are held by the PRO - WO363 I think. A lot of these were damaged in WW2 and they are known as the "Burnt Records". The records that survived have been microfilmed and are available in the PRO. The index to that should be on-line at the National Archives site - use Google. If you are lucky, it will even have his inside leg measurement!
    5. Try the Times and all the important newspapers/periodicals of the day. Microfilms are held by the British Museum at Colindale in N London.
    6. Lastly, try the Regimental Museum. Make that your first task!
    7. If you get really stuck, pm me and I will tell you how to ask questions on one of the largest genealogy sites available. Loads of good advice there!
    8. Do you have the medal? If you don't, try Googling his name and seeing what is out there. You might even find it is for sale! That is, if it isn't already held by the Bn.

    Good Luck - and do let us know what you find.