Tracing Deactivated Weapon Serial Numbers

I'm wondering if anyone could help me with the above. This seems to be 4(T)s area of expertise though so is appreciate the help if he's around.

Basically I've got a few deacs I wouldn't mind tracing, two without a year of manufacture and one with serial numbers matching on all parts which doesn't seem to have even been used.

Just out of curiosity I'd like to know where and when they were manufactured.

Thanks in advance.

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What sort of deact weapons are they - Enfields?

If so, post a few photos of the markings on the receiver and the rear part of the barrels - this is usually where the history of the rifle can be deduced. Individual serial numbers usually cannot be traced - there were millions made, and no issue records are retained. Sometimes "ownership" marks can point to a specific unit or country.
I know a fair bit about the enfield I have.

The others are a 1943 mosin nagant M44 carbine, a webley MkIV revolver, a 1942 k98k and a sten Mk3 (which I think is manufactured by lines brothers).

I'll post a few pics when I get home if youre able to help.

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Septic collector took a great interest in my deac No.4, well for as long as it took him to realise it no longer went bang.

Fazakerley made mk1. 1943 - I picked it because it had never been FTR'ed but apart from that it's nothing special. He really took a shine to it though for some reason.

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