Tracing an old FV 439

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Arters, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. I am struggling to find out what happened to my old 439 Reg No. 14EA05. I was the Det. Comd. whilst serving in 211 Sig Sqn/11 Armd Bde in Minden between 1978-1984. I have tried every avenue that I can think of (Army Vin No etc) but to no avail, I have a Driver working for me who seems to think it was written off in 1993. Can any of you learned Gentlemen out there help an old C41 Op. out.
  2. I drove an old Bedford MK a good few years ago.......don't s'pose anyone knows where it is do you? Cheers, I really loved that wagon.
  3. What colour was it?
  4. Green and black.....please tell me that you know the one I'm on about?!?!!!

    It looked a bit like this one, but I know this one isn't the one I'm on about, as the green and black are in the wrong places

  5. This one?
  6. Nope........but thanks for looking :)
  7. Hmmm ! first post on this site and it was greeted with such a response, you know the old saying "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" well it rhymes with wit !!!
  8. .....but also the funniest.
  9. You have to have been a 'data handbag' rather than a Rad Op to come back with that :roll:

    It's probably a man hole cover at the moment
  10. Never saw a 'data handbag' - they were only let out of the Commcen when the nasty Panzer boys were on leave, saw a few Rad Ops in my time but it was always a question of "Pass me another 'cos this one is useless". Is it still the case that all the Armd Sqn guys are incredibly athletic, hard drinking, good looking, hard fighting mothers - except for the Techs, that is ?
  11. I can't recall the dept. who keeps the records but you can pay to get copies of the records for that vehicle but they may say very little.
    I'm sure someone will recall the contact details.
  12. Not bad, welcome to ARRSE. Seeing as Radio Relay doesn't exist anymore ............ :)

    Anyway, you need to wait for the posts on 'cheap digs' before something useful comes along such as Jarrod's and there'll be others who may help. You can buy a 439 if you really want? FV 439 command vehicle . Ex Military trucks Sankey for sale
  13. There is a non-refundable research fee for enquiries of this kind. For the research of one vehicle, there is a charge of £25 and £15 for any additional vehicles accompanying your enquiry.

    Please note that it is possible that the history card may not provide a complete history of the vehicle. For example prior to the mid 1960s these cards did not exist and no official records of a vehicle's history were kept. Equally, after the mid 1980s records were maintained on computer and the only data added to the card was the disposal information. Therefore, if for example, the last unit noted on the card was dated 1981 and the disposal date was 1988 it is possible that the vehicle may have served with other units between those dates, but without having been noted on the card.

    If you would like to proceed with your enquiry please send me your full Postal Address and a cheque payable to the RLC Museum Trust Fund.

    RLC Museum

    The Princess Royal Barracks




    Just trawled back and found the above in my archived e mails.
  14. No it definitely was that one but it had been re-painted for the photo, hope that helps.
  15. Thanks, Jarrod, that is the road I will take.
    What the hell do I want to buy a 439 for when I've already got a CVRT, more to the point, for SCALIEBACK ,when Centurion was a rank not a Tank, Linies were called 'SCALYBACKS', I know RR doesn't exist anymore, I can tell because it seems to me that todays Operators wouldn't last 2 minutes up a tree trying to swing a B70 in, that statement does not mean that I do not have the greatest respect for what the lads/lasses are doing now on the behest of the morons in Westminster. Certa Cito s**t or bust!!