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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by syledis, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. A friend of mine has done something very silly and used a certain type of site and has been recognised by someone that knows her and is trying to blackmail her into sending him pics.

    He has gone from threatening to publish some pics of her online to threatening her family and when she said she had recorded the calls he is now saying he will cut her up.

    Im aware that its some sad little fuck who has no girlfriend and is enjoying his wee bit of power over her and has no intention of doing anything at all, and its all based on getting her scared, but its working as its getting to her no matter what i say.

    He has been calling up to 10 times a day and emailing constantly.

    For obvious reasons she doesnt want to go to the police , so is there any way i can trace his IP address to give him a wee fright?

    I know she has been stupid but thats not the point now
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  2. Get ya mate to get him round tie him to a bed take pics of him getting noshed off by a rent boy then threaten to cut him up
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  3. What can i say, im and IT biffchit!!
  4. If you know who it is surely the white pages and or faceache would be better at locating him?
  5. We dont know who is doing it, but he keeps emailing so we are hoping to find him that way
  6. ahh grand, as daft as it sounds have you tried sticking his email in profile engine and or faceache? he might be an idiotic muppet who hasn't covered his tracks very well.

    Has he given any information as to how he is connected to her? is he a work colleague etc...? Is the nature of the site your friend looked at illiegal? can it be proven it was her who accessed it and not kids,colleagues etc...

    I'm going to hazard a guess and assume its a dating or perhaps swingers website? has she considered reporting it through them? If you have his IP address they can probably make the link.
  7. Its nothing illegal at all, just stupid, i never thought about faceache search etc , i was assuming he used a made up email address juts for what he was doing.
    he simply recognised her pic so its someone who knows her.

    we dont want to beat him up etc, just let him know we know who he is so he gives up
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  8. Tell him by email that unless he is thick you have ip address already or if u want it just google how to get it. You say he is phoning too. Next tell the cunt youre not scared and blackmail is an offence you can be sent down for. Now if the said cunt does dob her in he can still be done for it so would he risk that? If your friend has left herself wide open then its a lesson learned I guess either was collect all the evidence
  9. Stick the phone number into facebook search. A lot of people use their phone numbers as a way of logging in and it takes you to their facebook page in the same way that an email address would.
  10. That's probably one of the pics ;-)
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  11. I wish you all the best in the resolution of this anyway, If you figure out the guys home address send him a photo of the ugliest policeman you can find
  12. Tell her to report this to the Police. I know you said 'for obvious reasons she doesn't want to' it matters not a Fuck to the plod, they deal with shit like this every day. He may not go to prison, but his door coming off its hinges at 0500 and a day in the fucking cells might readjust his piss poor attitude.

    Hey, it's a service you pay for, fucking use it!
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  13. We did that several days ago when he asked for pics and she said she had recorded his calls, this scared him for a day or two then he called again saying did you miss me etc, all basic mind game shit, and she told him he had a static IP address and he hung up, then tonight he must have been feeling brave again and called and said unless he got pics he will cut her up.

    I know its all bullshit and bravado for a saddo in a bedsit but she wont go to the police about it, due to the nature of the site, and she is regretting it bitterly now.

    I juts want it sorted for her as quietly as possible