Tracing an ex-WW1 officer

Anybody's help on this would be appreciated. I was talking to a client the other day and he was telling me about his grandfather who fought in the First World War and died in WWII. Although he has his death certificate he has not been able to establish which regiment he served with in WWI. I said I would see if anyone can point us in the right direction to find out. I apologise in advance because I know how often this topic comes up. Any steers in the right direction would be appreciated.
If you are lucky, he has a reasonably unusual name.

Hie thee to the NA/PRO and search the medal cards by name and see if you can find him that way.

You can do it online through the National Archive website. There are links in the ARRSEpedia telling you what to do.
Check your PMs

My local library a good selection of the ARMY/NAVY back to about 1890.....perhaps ask at your local library for help...

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