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tracing a relatives war record

Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on the best process for tracing a relatives war record. My grandad was RAMC in WW1 and we were trying to put together some idea of where he was and what he got up to. Beleive he was attached to Gordon Highlanders for most of the war. If any one has any ideas about where to look or who to ask, it would be a great help.
cheers for any help offered
check out this site.


The following address should be used for family members wishing to access records of deceased soldiers

Army Personnel Centre,
Historical Disclosures,
Mail Point 400,
Kentigern House,
65 Brown Street,
G2 8EX

Q. I need information about a veteran who was in the services in the early 1920's or before. Where do I find it?

A. Service records that reach a certain age, are archived at the Public Records Office (PRO). Generally service records dating from the early 1920's, or before, are held at the PRO however the date varies according to which service the person was in. Please read the information held on the Service Records page.

I did much the same for my Grandfather a few years ago, they send you a list of where they served, honours/awards etc, it ain't much but it's a start.

Another good place from there is the Army Library in Aldershot, they have loads of old Regt/Corps magazines etc.


Stew - WW1 records are with the national Archives not the MOD (that's for WW2)

depends on whether he was an officer or other rank, killed or not, served before the war or not and so on.

Start here

I also recommend trying this forum if you have any questions, but do read their FAQ first.

Good luck

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