Tr-Service Rank Structure

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Quinn, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know a good link to a comparsion chart between tri-service ranks?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. Always amuses me to see we still have details on Field Marshal, Admiral fo the Fleet and Marshal of the Air Force..... we'll be lucky to have a section ic the way we're going.
  4. Please don't tell me some RAF Flight Sgt has been chopsing it about being a WO again.

    Lets have some civilian equivalent ranks again, these haven't raised their heads in a while.
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    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    No problem. I'm a civi => I outrank you! :p
  6. This Wikipedia page gives a list of comparative ranks. The individual pages for NATO members also gives the NATO Code for each rank that irons out inter-service and international differences.
  7. and is unfortunately wrong

    Senior Aircraftsman is not comparable to Lance Corporal.

    SAC is in no way a JNCO and is awarded on a time/vocational course basis much in the same way as Class 2 and Class 1 Soldier.
  8. STANAG-2116 ED.5

    Is the official source, if you can get access to it.

    It is very useful if working with Jonny Foreigner as it shows seniority within levels. It's almost as useful as it is dull.
  9. This is correct in every way except for the fact that the SAC rank in the RAF is not equivalent to LCpl in the army. As everyone in the RAF (non-commissioned) becomes a Senior Aircraftperson after one year it is more equated to senior private. It is not an NCO rank.

    oops, edited to note that golf_one_one has already made the point. I'll get my coat.
  10. Also the RN have adopted the Army WO sructure, i.e. WO2 and WO1.
  11. And is also incorrect!

    A Midshipman is junior in rank to a 2Lt/Plt Offr and is senior to an OCdt. The equivalents of a 2Lt/Plt Offr are a Sub-Lt undergoing fleet training who would be distinguished from the more senior Sub-Lt by a broad white flash worn under the loop on the shoulder-board.

    While I'm not disputing the statement, it's also the first I've heard that a Capt RN of 6 yrs seniority somehow ranks with a Commodore and the equivalent 1* ranks, and my old man was a 2 1/2 ringer. I am aware that a Capt RM ranks with a Maj when afloat, and I know that there is a habit of giving acting ranks for long periods for RN officers in staff job who are then made substantive to that rank the day they leave.