Tr 2 Next Actions for Redundees

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Paymaster, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Now that you have had the good/awful news you need to grip the procedure quickly so that you can get the very best from the system.

    You should access JPA and read the Redundancy Administration section of the Self Service Guide, make sure that your Unit HR change your termination date on JPA, this will trigger a number of other processes. You will also need to keep checking your Workflow on the JPA system as much of the detail of your departure and Resettlement will be sent to you on the Workflow system. Also please read and adhere to the Tranche 2: Key Dates and Events document which will guide you through the more important events in the Redundancy procedure.

    Other points you should action now include;

    · Immediately contact the IERO to arrange an initial Resettlement interview.
    · If you need to, submit a preference for a Final Tour of Duty (FTOD) location using JPA Form JPA 024, in order to establish your entitlement. Applicants must submit their requests by 3 Jul 12, Non-Applicants by 10 Aug 12.
    · If in MQ or SSFA or SSSA warn off the HIC or Countrywide that you will be vacating your property, you should have done this by 26 Jun 12.
    · If you are an LSAP recipient; arrange to repay the outstanding debt either by a cheque or from your Terminal Benefits.
    · If you are a CEA claimant immediately give notice to your children’s’ schools however if they are within 2 years of taking GCSEs/A Levels or Scottish equivalents please talk to your desk officer.

    · The deadline for submitting an appeal to your CO against selection for redundancy is 11 Jul 12.

    · Complete PEN FORM 1 on JPA which will ensure your Pension is paid correctly, before 30 Oct 12 for applicants and before 29 Apr 13 for Non-Applicants.

    We understand that this will be a difficult and stressful time for you but please remember that Unit HR is here to assist you and to guide you through the process so please stay in close contact with your desk officer.
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  2. Hi thanks for the info, I find out tomorrow if my app for redundancy has been accepted, just one question I am entitled to a resettlement grant do I get this before I leave so that I can do courses etc or is it paid at the same time as my redundancy payment. thanks
  3. Permission for lower lip to tremble, Sir.
  4. Fifer, I live in DB! Resettlement Grant, for 9/12 years service is paid once you leave but IRTC is paid to assist you with a Resettlement course, all will be revealed.
  5. Am I wrong for thinking we're not supposed to find out until tomorrow? Who's already been told?
  6. Only COs have the read-out: official notification is tomorrow at 0900hrs. Immediate chain of command is informed at 0800hrs.

    Good luck to all concerned.
  7. Oh, not had the email yet?
  8. If you haven't heard early then I can assure you that you will definitely have been selected for redundancy. All the people that they want to keep have already been told they are safe in order that they can prepare themselves mentally for the trauma of being in the selection pool again in 4 months time!
  9. I only want to find out to avoid needlessly wasting yet another full day displaying above and beyond my default levels of interest ;)
  10. Good Luck all
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  11. Was lucky again - nervous 2 and 1/2 hour wait though as individuals were called through to the big man's office.
    Does anyone know the dates for T3?
  12. I wonder if, as a former compulsory redundee, having technically been in the army six times and held most ranks between shiny Private and grumpy Major might add something?

    I absolutely hate this, not least because it is probably unnecessary. (I wouldn't mind betting that in 5 years time the army will have to be enlarged at enormous cost to face a new "emerging threat").

    However, all may not be doom and gloom. I was made redundant in 1995, and 18 months later got a phone call from an old mate asking me to do a job in the Balkans as a "mobilised reservist", followed by an offer of an FTRS slot driving a desk at Land Command, etc etc, finally hanging up my boots when I felt like it in 2005.

    If you get the black spot it may not be the end. You WILL feel huge anger, try and deal with it. While Director Manning is clearly a public relations novice the advice is not that bad, switching to a vacancy elsewhere, even in the Navy or CrabAir, leaves you in a service environment you are more or less familiar with. At least ask what is on offer.

    Make sure you network like crazy with folks in the machine you know and capitalise on all those odd little courses you may have done. Anyone who thinks 30,000 TA, without enough training time or money will plug the gaps is on drugs (No disrespect to the TA, I spent 10 years as a TA officer, but training was never adequate and TA soldiers have real lives outside the army to worry about ). That means that, as with the US forces, there will be ever more full time reservists in the system, and that means opportunities to soldier on may well present themselves once the dust settles.

    If you do decide to just go then be aware there are lots of civilian firms run by ex soldiers, particularly in the security world. Knock on doors and talk to people, don't just send off endless applications.

    Don't forget the Education Grant ( ELC? Sorry mods, not sure what it is called now, but DETS (A) will know) you may be entitled to as well as resettlement provision, and use every single penny to get going outside, it's yours by right. You can dip into the education grant for up to 10 years. I used two thirds of mine to do a 2 year MA course at Birmingham Uni. It can be used for ANY educational course with DETS (A) approval.

    Never give up!!

    Good Luck.
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  13. Out of interest, and being out of the system therefore ignorant to resettlement measures, there was some Management Consultant, ex Lt. Colonel, on the BBC News today. He reckons that some redundees might have problems. Because "employers might not think ex military personnel will offer a short term benefit". Or something like that. Sure, getting oneself sorted out, qualified and up to speed ready for the transition to civilian jobs, is personal admin. No problems with that one. But while that blunt realistic view may carry some weight, it's not an exactly encouraging prospect for any redundee in the dog eat dog, civilian world, either. So while they're expected to fend for themselves after compulsory redundancy.... just look after them and hope some, if not all employers, understand their value.
  14. As I’ve said on here very many times it is undoubted that ex-Military have some hugely valuable qualities which businesses are crying out for. What is necessary, however, is to find Veteran-friendly organisations to apply to.

    An awful lot of organisations will give a big old “wa’evver” when faced by someone just leaving the mob as they have no concept of what it is we do. The big danger is the attitude displayed by a lot of people here & on places like LinkedIn who think that they are automatically better than civvies because of their service, an attitude which seems to be, sadly, perpetuated by resettlement organisations.

    The only advice I can offer is to start networking as much as possible, use your resettlement sensibly, and make the most of any learning credits available. Get your CV sorted, but don’t stress too much about converting job titles to civvy speak, it is more important to say what you did and include numbers such as “led 90 soldiers” or “managed equipment worth £Xm”.

    I’d also be wary of a lot of the so-called ex-Forces recruitment agencies. Of all the ones I signed on with only one found a single opportunity to put me forward for, one told me to revise my CV into a format not seen in civvy life since about 1980 & the rest never even bothered replying after initial contact. While I admit my CV may not have been perfect I found it odd that these so called specialists could not find a single role to put me forward for whereas the non-specialists have kept me in relatively sensible employment (even if I had to move around a bit & accept some crap pay in exchange for experience) for a considerable length of time.
  15. I was demobbed in '73, no resettlement courses, or interviews, nothing. Went home, signed on the dole - nothing. After two weeks I decided to try London - the dole office went ecstatic. They offered me a rail warrant, and told me that they would pay 1 guinea towards my accommodation for a year. Remember, this was back in '73, and, I don't know if they still make the same offer.

    In London I wasn't getting anywhere fast. Then, an office manager gave me this advice: he said that I was too experienced for the positions I was looking for, I was a comms specialist, and that supervisors wouldn't want to take me on as I could threaten their position for further promotion. He told me to keep it simple, just state what I could do and leave it at that. Then, out of the blue I got offered a job as a trainee foreign exchange dealer - never got the chance to try out his advice - still!

    My advice would be to grab any job going. I found that it's a darn sight easier to get a job, if you are already employed. The old catch 22 syndrome. If you're unemployed, then, no-one wants you, but, if you're employed, then, someone thinks enough of you to pay you some dosh, make you a more attractive candidate.

    If you get in the shit there's always the various forces benevolent societies, and SAAFA, who will all do their best to help you out.

    It took me about 2 years to adjust to civvy St. Few civvies want to hear about your forces experience. You're a better man/woman than they are. You've been places, and done things they can't imagine, so, they just don't want to know, you're supposed to pretend that many years of your life never happened.

    Good luck to you all.
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