Toys to donate.............

I have a young daughter (seven) and I seem to have accumulated a lot of toys that she has now grown out of, the loft is getting full and I could do with getting rid of the piles of discarded toys lurking up there.

Does anyone know of a charity that would accept them ? they are all in very good condition and in some cases unopened I don't want the hassle of ebay etc and I am not looking to make any money.

I would prefer to donate to a forces charity if possible but as long as it is for a good cause and is a UK based charity I am not that fussed, I could also probably deliver (within reason, I am North London based)

This has also got me thinking that a lot of my friends have the children of a similar age and if this is a feasible idea I could round up quite a bit of good quality saleable items.

Any thoughts / ideas ?

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