Toyota Corolla Gearbox

Have a 2003 Toyota Corolla D-4D T3 deisel and have an annoying problem when engaging reverse gear. It gives a beep when you engage reverse gear, problem I have that the noise stays on constantly and is fecking annoying. It also drowns out the warnings bleeps from the parking sensors. Any ideas on how to cure this problem before I take a fecking big hammer to it. Thanks


Are you getting any "warning lights" on the dash ? Is this something that has started recently or has it always done this?
It may be that there is a fault with the box itself and as such needs a dose of looking at !

Cheers for now



No warning lights on the dash and it's only just started doing it.
Hi again,

Am i right it saying your car can be used in auto/semi auto or with flappy paddle change?
If so i think it will probably be the ECU throwing its teddy out of the pram.
You need to go to a main dealer and get them to hook it up to a diagnostics jobby to see if everything is behaving itself.
Is there anything in the owners manual that might give a clue?

Cheers for now
Nope it's a bog standard manual gearbox so that when to put it into reverse it just gives you one warning beep that lets you know that the car is in reverse gear. Owners manual total waste of time

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