Toying with scammers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RCSignals, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. There must be at least four or five web sites featuring the pee that can be taken out of the 419 scammers, all of which are brilliant. The terrible thing is, of course, that there are so many people out there who are actually taken in by the 419ers. It's a major and very profitable industry, and not only in Nigeria, but a lot of other African countries now. Maybe it isn't so terrible, come to think about it; if you're that greedy you deserve to be stitched up a treat. :)
  2. I dragged one along for a while thinking I was a Japanese businessman going by the name of Kintama Tanaka. "Kintama" is Japanese for testicles... I also suggested that he was a disonorabl gentleman and I would do honorabl Japanese thing. Got lots of classic things in like "Arlways out look for honorabl business opportunity with Africa gentleman"... Unfortunately I've lost the original messages, but they had my colleagues in shreds. :lol:
  3. Got one from a guy who claimed he was a Nigerian astronaut stranded on board the international space station. Said his money was piling up in his bank account back home and he needed my help.

    He said he got my name from a mutual acquaintance.

    Can't imagine who that could possibly be.
  4. For some reason, I keep getting these idiots e-mailing me at work witht he usual line of being from Africa, having $12-35 million dollars, wanting to get it over here!!!

    Now after reading this guys antics, I might try and bullshit the bullshitters :twisted:
  5. its cos they love you Dui :lol:
  6. If they ever met me............ :roll:
  7. I had an E-Mail from a woman on the Ivory Coast who was searching for "A lovinly english husban man". I will pass her your details, Dui-Laí. :wink:
  8. No thanks, I have enough here with the lovely Grey Mafia at my door wanting serviced 8O
  9. I'm a Jock as well, probably no good for her then :roll:
  10. Apparently a lot of them run their European operations out of Hamsterscam, so a friend of a friend over in NL led them on and on and on, and said that they'd buried the loot in a certain park in Hamster. Apparently he got some great footage of them digging holes in various locations, and rang them repeatedly to tell them they were digging in the wrong place...

    Then he called the cops!