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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Sorry for the subject matter, but I presume that some of you have kids too.

    I just bought my son a packet of toy soldiers and I was surprised to see the poor detail on them especially after paying nearly 5 quid for them.

    Back when I was a lad (and all this was fields) I used to have loads of the things, and as far as I can remember (well it is 30 years ago) even the small ones were very detailed.

    The ones he got were Hellier, are they generally crap? Are there other easily available brands which are better?

  2. I don't think you can get the old better quality ones anymore. I've looked everywhere for them. Although I have seen them on ebay going for GNP of a small african country.
  3. Heller ones were always cr*p - you had to get Airfix for general purpose 'bendy' plastic ones - the 1/72 scale for massed carpet armies, but the 1/32 ones for the garden (easier to find and less intimidated by grass).

    You need to go to the Airfix Website (now they have been rescued by Humbrol):
    Airfix Figures

    There is a stockist search link on the site as well.

    Alternatively, although eBay will cost you a fortune for an authentic 1974 pack of soldiers in a mint box, that doesn't sound like what you need - you can get a box of mixed soldier for peanuts!
  4. Stupendous! Thanks for the link. I think it was Airfix and Matchbox I used to have. Now he'll be able to see which kind of weapons his soldiers are carrying. At present it's "What's this soldier got Dad?" "Erm.........I think it's supposed to be a rifle of some sort"

  5. I used to have hundreds of the green plastic soldiers when I was younger with their battles with the grey soldiers over the living room territories.

    Ever since Toy Story though they would hide in the plant pots, behind book shelves etc...

    If I look carefully there still a few dotted around the house that I forgot about...I am 21 now!
  6. daz

    daz LE


    Try here as well :oops:
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Look here;

    Modellers Loft

    But these ones are the dogs danglies.The was a Falklands Para released a couple of years ago.Cant find it anywhere tho.

    This is the Bootie one.(You can get Coldstream Guardsman,Micks ect..)

    [​IMG]Dragon Military Figures
  8. Try this link.Hat make loads of 1/72,1/32 scale figures.Including some from the old Airfix moulds.
  9. As a kid, I had my fair share of toy soldiers. Recently I came across a tub full of Britain Ltd metal soldiers amongest my junk, all British dressed in WW2 attaire and holding various poses with Brens and .303s. Very good quailty and made in England. Anybody know or had these?
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This is the Para one;

  11. Revell Germany do a set of modern British soldiers in 1/72 scale LSW gunner etc detail not too bad and about 3-4 quid a box ideal for orders/model kits etc
  12. got a mate who made one of these up to have the same kit as he has .And yes he does have girl friend :!: :eek:
  13. I had a fair few of these. Well painted and good quality. I used to buy one each week, once I'd got my pocket money. There still knocking about the house somewhere.
  14. You definitely have to go for Airfix.

    I saw the D Day action set in a shop the other day and wished I was 11 again! It has a gun emplacement and all sorts of different groups. There was also an airfield set with jeeps, aircraft and hangars.

    I had loads and my parents dug them out recently for my 4 year old. The Commando set had a dinghy and rowers as well as kayaks; the 8th Army set had 3 in mortar kits and Vickers crews. The Fallschirmjaeger were the mutts nuts and the Gurkhas all had shorts.

    There were some matchbox ones in the box too, more detailed and more robust but there was something about them I just didn't like as much as the Airfix ones.
  15. Having managed to get a set of Airfix Commandos, I was disappointed to discover that they didn't come with the dinghy (that I remembered from my childhood), only the kayak. On searching the far reaches of my memory, I came to the conclusion that the dinghy came with the Matchbox commandos.

    Edited to add: Yep, just checked Daz's Plastic Soldier Review link and the dinghy was indeed part of the Matchbox set.