Towing on motorways.

Discussion in 'REME' started by lacrabat, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. and recovery. My guys recently had a run in with the plod over stopping for a casualty vehicle that had broken down on the M11. Plod pulled up whilst they were righting the wrong and told them to **** off as they weren't recovery and they were breaking the law by stopping. They argued the case and won because they had already fixed the wagon. Can I find something in writing to cover this and clarify the law on towing vehicles on motorways ?
  2. I remember a certain Unit ES callsign had pulled in to assist with broken down vehicle on hard shoulder.After assistance, as ES vehicle moving off drunk driver drove into vehicle and wrote veh off.Big case against Army,drunk driver said he didnt see big armoured vehicle no lights or anything.All went to court as police prosecuted young reccy mech.

    After a legal wrangling police succumb,Recovery callsigns with winkie pots have the autonomy as AA or other breakdown services.

    Will try and find link. :)
  3. I have JSP341 and Recovery manual in PDF format so I did a simple search on the word MOTORWAY and RECOVERY

    So I went to the Recovery Manual and did a search for the word MOTORWAY and guess what, not a single occurance. I also checked the online highway code and again nothing. It says bugger all anywhere about repair on the side of the motorway, so in absence of anything else, to act in accordance with Drivers Standing Orders JSP 341, you should tow it to the nearest safe place then affect the repair. On that point though I am more than happy to be proved wrong because I don't see the AA/RAC doing that!!
  4. I remember a couple of years ago, I was on exercise and was in a convoy where one of the landies broke down northbound on the m5 just outside Bristol. We did attempt to do a bodged repair on it (leaking fuel pipe) that would last until the nearest service station when a traffic piggy vechicle pulled up and asked if they could help. They didn't have a go at us though....
  5. Yep "some" traffic coppers have a little common sense but that's because not all of them were bullied at school!
  6. Thanks for the help, according to this place there is nothing stopping you towing the casualty all the way to your destination ( except JSP341 it seems )...

    Perhaps JSP341 is covering unit self recovery where it would make sense to tow the casualty to the next exit / services. Surely a recovery vehicle would be exempt this ruling.
  7. Yes it would, when you look at the rules recovery vehicles are exempt almost everthing even down to road tax, a 30t wrecker only pays about £15 a year!
  8. I presume you refer to a civvy wrecker? I thought all mil vehicles were expemt road tax as they belong to HM and she pays the bills so there's little point in her paying the tax to herself...
  9. having been a recovery mech for 22 years and just finished my cpc national as far as i am concerned you can tow a disabled vehicle on the motorway to the next off ramp and then you have to use a roads. you can use a st8 bar or tow rope (over 4m long) or sup / sus tow. the disabled vehicle becomes your trailer. artics are classed as 1 vehicle but can only be towed off the motorway by a non recovery vehicle if unladen. if laden then a new unit must be brought to tow the trailer. hope that answers your question.
  10. Once the disabled vehicle is attached to the rear of the recovery vehicle it becomes a trailer. There is no law that prevents the military from towing on motorways as long as a minimum speed of 30mph can be maintained. The only exception to this is if the casualty vehicle is carrying a hazardous load in which case it can only be towed to a place of safety(this is the same for civilian recovery mechanics).
    Hope this helps
  11. Use to be with !6 Tank Transporter Sqn Wksp. Remember one time towing 2 dead Antars back to Fally with a Ballast when along come German plod who informed "that it was FORBITTEN". :x
    When we started to unhitch dead tractors to leave in middle of Autobahn great loss of humour.said that they were going to check with higher ups and did not want to see any trucks when they came back!

    Oh happy days on the road :D
  12. Thanks for the replies, so other than an unhelpfull and vague bit in JSP 341, nothing laid down in writing ? Another example of something not clearly worded and being left open to interpretation ( whatever we do will be wrong ) !!!

    Example 1. Landrover broke down on motorway hard shoulder, unit turns up with Daf/Bedford and has straight bar and a marker board. The only thing stopping them from towing casualty vehicle all the way to final destination is JSP 341, not civi law ?

    Example 2. Vehicle in unit lines needs recovery to ABRO, unit has the above capability and the vehicle is safe to be towed, can it be ?

    These examples assume that the personel involved have been instructed on towing vehicles and have all the right boxes ticked in case some competency freak is reading this.. :D
  13. :1: What he said, you can tow the vehicle to the next off ramp.
  14. we do what we have to
  15. You will find that the civvy police have a police recovery contract running on that piece of motorway and prefer to use them.