Towing of Trailers please

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RockaHulaBaby, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. I posess a 4t, also a Land Rover TUL and LR TUM, can any individual please help me with the correct towing weights of these vehicles - mainly the LR's . You are my only hope. I have looked at JSP 341 and manuals but as yet unable to find info. Even JSP 341 has nowt. Helllllllp please.
  2. Current Affairs?

    Try them with different trailers until it all goes titties north, then unhook and don't use that one again.
  3. MK1-3 LRs "used" to have a plate on drivers side giving details dependant on type (1/4, 1/2 & 3/4).
  4. Oops er...sorry f**k just read what I wrote....I will rephrase...have some boats on trailers. Quite heavy if you like. 3 different types of boats, can't go into detail but can me shagging LR's legally tow em. Me Bedford will but looked everywhere to find towing shit....still none the wiser....cheers guys
  5. Have you tried emailing Rover?

    Ops! Sorry they went bust this week didn't they...
  6. Depends on how many wheels on the trailer & if it has brakes or not.
    2 wheeled unbraked trailer has a max. weight of 750kg, I think.
  7. Moderator! Moderator! We have a rogue QM & MT thread in here, going critical. Get me 25 ml of whisky and a long corona. This could be a long newsnight in here...

    Fcuking trailers? I ask you? Was there something in Michael Howard's handwritten manifesto on towing of leisure conveyances that I missed? Besides which, who would want to tow a boat up to Coniston - especially now you can't actually turn the throttle further than fast idle. See, see! That's how you make this topical...I'm going to the pub.