Towards a more flexible trading approach

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by mingfelix, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. The advent of online trading has resulted in major changes in the financial sector. The best forex platform offers innovative tools that help in faster and efficient management of the trading activities. Some of the advantages include,
    • The brokers no longer go to the ‘pit’ in the trading ring
    • They now key-in orders/quotes on the Trader Workstations (TWSs) from their offices
    • The system provides a combination of order and quote-driven system
    • The priority is given to the quote-driven system
    • The order book functions as an ‘auxiliary jobber’

    Actually the modern system serves two purposes:
    • It allows retention and matching of orders against one another when no quotes exist in the system for a particular scrip
    • It improves the price competitive character of the market, in case the investors are willing to deal at prices better than the current best quote

    The nationwide expansion of the BSE Online Trading (BOLT) has led to a major revolution. In the initial stages, BOLT was available to the brokers of the stock exchanges based in Mumbai. The expansion of ‘BOLT’ nationwide required
    • Permission from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
    • A nationwide network that is highly secured and operational at all times

    After the major developments in the online stock trading platforms, the currency trade also has overtaken the online stock trading platforms by storm within a short span of time. In all forex trade platforms, the main prerequisite is that a trader must have a bank account and also significant financial reserves under his control. Since the currency market is prone to wild fluctuations, he should not be out of the business due to a minor loss.
  2. Forex - dodgy shite, best avoided. It's safer to keep your money under your bed.
  3. Whats your address?
  4. Not if you know how to trade it properly, and know how to manage your risk.
  5. Online forex trading tools are a real help for traders all over the world. It has made trading pretty easy and risk factor has decreased also with improvements and reviews coming in these tools.Forex trading will surely become the most important trading business online now.
  6. This is exactly what the pros want the public to believe. Anybody who is thinking of trading FOREX or any other instrument please be under no illusion about who creates these "online tools". If you are considering FOREX please pm me, I can show you the pitfalls.

    PS I have been trading FOREX for several years. Money can be made with the right risk management.