Discussion in 'RAC' started by Cutaway, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  2. Good vid. The old TOW is or was a very good weapon. Trouble is most Lynx anti tank pilots have never seen one hit a target (ROGUE........../MISFIRE....... 8O )
  3. Having watched that I hope to hell I'm never inside an AFV when it brews up. That's pretty terrifying.
  4. It's neither a TOW nor an M46, the caption on the clip is entirely wrong.

    It's actually an RBS-56 Bill missile, (Swedish) shooting up an old Centurion tank. I have the same engagement on DVD taken from a side, although the turret looks modified, the suspension is pretty identifiable.

  5. It's not a Centurion, it's a Leopard 1.
  6. The new Javelin Vid is a must. T-72 is spread over about 400m. FR Regt are due to get it to replace Swingfog.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Anti-tank missiles to take out mozzies?

  8. I´ll go with that,the mantel,on the barrel is the givaway,it was also too fast,I think, to have been a Cent!

    Don´t know what hit it,but looks as if they filled the panzer up with Ammo,for effect.Had it been a tank with 2 piece Ammo,the bag charges,being sealed seperately,under the turret ring,it wouldn´t have had such an effect.The chances of survival though?
  9. To my untrained eye, none to f all!
  10. Not sure about the American vid for the Javelin, lots of info on the web ref the fact it was stuffed with ammo and fuel to give a great impression for the Staff buying it.

    Not that the Americans would do something underhanded (check out the Sergeant York AA system - try . Not that it mention the fact that the Boffins testing it always stated "We have to destroy the target before it flys off the Range".

    Not seen many, if any combat photos of T72 or others disabled in ANY conflict with such massive destruction. Lucky shot I guess?
  11. Well that certanly stopped it.

    Is it me or did the missile swing off sharply to the right a few seconds before impact and hit the tank on the left hand side? Its difficult to see.
  12. Not that I'm a sore loser or anything, but there are a couple of flaws to that theory. Not least, the fact that the Swedish never had Leopard 1s, but did use Centurions.

    However, since it's very hard to see from the frontal aspect, here's a side-shot of the same tank. (My attempts at motion video capture from my DVD seem to be failing miserably, so it's a screenshot)

    Points to note: Six, paired roadwheels, vs seven on Leo 1. Horizontal hull sides above the tracks with stowage boxes vs slanted sides on a Leo 1, with huge air intakes on the rear side.

    I don't know what they did with the turret, but the basic vehicle is definitely an Strv-101 (i.e. Centurion). The Swedes upgraded about a third of their fleet with new diesel engines, might account for the speed.

    Possibly not. Then again, Bill is a top-attack missile, which means that the jet fires down through the turret roof into whatever is below it. Being below the turret ring is not going to be a factor in this case.

    Actually, just conventional explosives. The idea was supposedly to simulate a combat-loaded T-72, but I have never seen a T-72 obliterated like that from actual combat. Usually just the turret gets thrown a few dozen yards, but the hull stays relatively intact.

  13. Yes, and no.

    It did swing wildly off to the right, but it corrected and 'impacted' the turret roof.

  14. He's right...

    Blimey guys has the armies rec skills gone down the drain or something. It's a Cent not a Leopard, glad I was in a recce regt and that was years ago, whats happened? it used to be the spams (no offense) that were shite at recce not us lot!