Tow bar arrangement on Desert Patrol Vehicle (SAS) 110 Land Rover.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by EX_STAB, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. I have a 110 HCPU that I wish to fit a NATO hitch to. This will require some sort of spacer bracket to clear the body. (I don't wish to use a drop plate)

    It occurred to me that the SAS 110 Desert Patrol Vehicles were based on a 110 HCPU and would have had to have a similar arrangement. Does anyone have a photo illustrating this?

    Only one I can find is of this replica that someone has built, blurry and doesn't show any detail even if it's right

    Note that these are different to an ordinary 110 WMIK before we get deluged with WMIK pictures.

    Cheers! :)
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  2. Buy one of the specialist Land Rover mags, and look for the adverts for the parts or vehicle suppliers. If your vehicle is army surplus, it should have the holes in the body/chassis where the NATO hitch was fitted to.

    There should be a Land Rover Forum, have you tried asking on there also.
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  3. Try someone like M and M Land Rover parts based in North Wales.

    It is worth buying one or other of the Specialist Land Rover mags for all the Parts suppliers adverts.
  4. That LR is just the ticket for popping down to Morrisons at Hereford to buy a couple of extra pints of milk.

    It would be a brave traffic Warden who stuck a parking ticket on the windscreen.. Come to think of it, it hasnt got a windscreen, has it?
  5. no it hasn't apprantly that foils traffic wardens brains as told to me by a cavalry officer the warden was still trying to figure how to attach the ticket when his cvrt drove off :)
    admittidly in the wrong direction but you can't have everything :)
  6. Sadly my 110 is rather more mundane :(
  7. Do military vehicles ever got clocked by speed cameras or traffic light cameras, or the New Bus Lane Cameras? Do the Military authorities pass on the name of the driver to plod?
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Oh thank you God. I have not lived a good life and yeah, me and you have never really seen eye to eye, but cheers Big Man. Just when I am fucked right off with The Land Of Smiles, you gift me this.

    Being gay is not an issue in the modern world. Many politicians and pop stars are homosexual. Stop beating yourself up gay boy.

    What the **** is your problem with a drop-plate you mincing ******* faggot? Scared you will chip a nail?

    Based on. That means the mental ones tore apart a perfectly good HUPU and mounted big bangy things on it then some camo nets then tore about the place laughing like loons blowing the shit out of anything that would stay still long enough.

    What the **** do you imagine the SAS planned to tow around whilst they were blowing the shit out of everything?

    A caravan?

    Weld a drop-plate on the back end. Weld a ball-pin hitch onto that. Leave the mental stuff to the mental ones.

    If you can find a way to make the ******* heater work on a 110 HCPU, PM me, yah?
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  9. Maybe they wanted a sankey trailer

    to hold all their various face paints. So they can change their appearance depending on which theatre they are in. swarthy for The Empire. rather pasty for the royal court.
  10. A handy tow hitch to pull each other out of a stick situation? Perhaps?

    EX STAB, why do you want to put the NATO hitch on? If it is for a SANKEY then an extender on the chasis would do the job (clearing the load bed overhang), On 'normal' landys the hitch goes in the middle of the rear beam on the chassis.

    if you want it as a strong point you could just attach the nato hitch to the chassis direct, but a JATE hook or similar would do that job just as well.
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  11. It's for my Sankey trailer. If you fit direct to the crossmember you can't open the hitch.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yes you can, Chartruse. Look. This is bolted onto something or other. Possibly the bumper bar or maybe the exhaust? Parts of it are welded to other parts I think. It will pull a Sankey with a ton of shit on it, or a caravan or a trailer with one of them little 360's on it. Or possibly a tank.

  13. Surely you wouldnt attach a towing bracket to the exhaust, please tell me you were joking.
  14. Depends what model of Sankey Trailer you have, if the towing eye rotates, connect the trailer with the eye and NATO hitch at 90 degrees then rotate back to the correct position and secure the NATO hitch.

    Job Jobbed.