Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chump!, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. There is a tour coming up with my unit next year which is due to last approximately a year. Im wondering where I stand legally with my civi employer if I choose to go on this tour. Because of the length I assume they dont have to keep my job open. Any ideas?
  2. Be careful. They DO if you are compulsorily mobilised, and you will benefit from all the enhancements that the system offers such as equivalent civvy pay (if your Army pay is less), 5% pay uplift etc etc. If you volunteer, and your unit doesn't go down the compulsory route, you'll just get your Army pay and no job protection.

    Best of luck. Dave
  3. I thought it was volunteer to get mobilised nower days? And so the length of tour doesnt matter? They still have to employ me if im mobilised? Cheers

    * Thanks for the link
  4. Two separate things here, legislation and current policy.

    Legislation states that if mobilised under the compulsory provisions of RFA 96 your employer has to offer you your job back when you return. However, they (and you) also get the option to appeal your mobilisation. And your salary is made up to your civvy level if its more than your military wage, plus you can claim costs arising from mobilisation if relevant.

    However, current policy (AFAIK) is that no-one is mobilised unless they have volunteered and their employer has agreed to it. Hence no appeals and everyone is happy.

    You can of course just jack your job in and head off regardless, but then your employer has no obligation to gibe you a job when you get back.

    The odd idiot may advise you to volunteer but tell your employer you have to go - don't do it, if they find out they can sack you on the spot for lying to them. Or appeal.

    Bottom line is, if you want a job to go back to get your employer onside before you volunteer at your unit. If they won't do that and you still want to go then get your resignation ready and prepare your CV for when you get back.
  5. Correct.

    And the moral of this tale?

    RFA 96 DOES NOT protect your job even if you are compulsorily mobilised (volunteered or not). Its a one way piece of legislation - works for the Army, not for the employee.
  6. Intelligent mobilisation should mean that only people who have expressed a willingness will be selected for compulsory mobilisation.
    All mobilisation is compulsory therefore protecting the volunteers job until his return.
    However to what extent employers now understand that troops essentially volunteer themselves and their employers is unknown to me.
    I know of no-one in our company who didnt have a job to go back to and even one who escaped redundancy by virtue of this protection (rightly or wrongly).
    Its the subsequent effect of this and future mobilisations on your career prospects that bear consideration.
  7. Thanks for the advice so far. Would you suggest speaking to my employer now and letting them know of my intentions? Or just waiting until I get the brown letter and giving it to them with enough time so that they can appeal if they want?
  8. What it actually says is your employer has to offer you A job back at the same salary not actually your old job so you could find your self sweeping the floor as a job when you return
  9. This depends on the relationship you have with your employer, and to an extent whether they can afford to be without you. You will have to decide that for yourself.
  10. Plus your employer could take you back after a year away and make you redundant the day after.
  11. My bold. Chap in my office got his brown envelope a week before he went, fortunately he'd pre-warned the Boss.
  12. Just out of interest does the same apply to students in college?
    can we be compulsorily mobalised and if not are we allowed to volunteer for a tour?

  13. Cant be mobilized compulsorily but can volunteer. Short tours even available for summer holidays in some roles - speak to Glasgow about this not me.

    I did this but be warned a year out turned into two and I will have to re-start from first year if I can ever be arrsed to go back.
  14. Cheers for the help

    sorry if i sort of hijacked the thread