I MIGHT be going on tour in Iraq early next month. I am still awiting confirmation (just over 2 weeks at mo).

If I go to RTMC for 2 weeks, will I get a weekend off before deployment? What is RTMC like? I assume 1 week of ITDs and 1 week off OP TAG training?

I am planning on joining TA (so I can be promoted if I go on another tour) will this tour be taken into account during a CR?

Cheers for any advice.
He's expanded his post to me, by PM. I can confirm he's not a journo.

I think the question has been answered, therefore this thread can be binned.


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I'm assuming that you're a Regular Reserve. About half of my cadre through RTMC last year were Reg Reserves and the cadre before that was entirely Reg Res. Yeah a few of the lads decided during the tour to join the TA so as to be able to get courses in and promotions for future tours. I'd recommend it if you're planning on going out a few times as nothing hurts more than being a 35-40 yr old Pte/LCpl especially if you're unlucky enough to be in a HQ element.

Yes you will now get a full CR from your unit in theatre instead of just an insert as previously. The idea is (as was explained to me by an AGC SuperClerk) that TA & Res are encorouged to come back for future tours and/or rejoin if they're treated as an integral part of the unit. Good luck!
Cheers. Yep ex AGC am hoping that my local TA unit (RAC) take me on in that role. Therefore I keep my career courses and should be liable for reasonbly early promotion.
Early promotion - on what grounds? Quals aside, there needs to be a vacancy. As with the regs TA units have manning levels. Just because its TA doesn't mean they are all numpties who get jobs in a lucky dip. You might find that the AGC clerks and cooks are better qualified through thier civvy jobs.

Personally, I'd still try for TA after the tour - if that is what you really want.

(sorry about the journo bit - now I know where you are coming from it makes sense)
local rank - don't you just hate that! (I did - crap way for WO2's to get you to run around on the promise of them making it permanent!) Doing the job & not getting paid for it wouldn't happen in civvy street - in fact its normally quite the opposite!

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