heard today at school that after his first tour a soldier can opt out of further tours is this true?

Also does a regiment go on a tour every year?



First point, no chance. Second point no, however some units may go more often than others but still not every year.
If that were the case then there would be no one left in the army that could deploy!


My friend who is currently serving said they will go on tour every 1-2 years for around a 6month peroid, but it very much is depending on your regiment, some people go more and some less.
If your staying around the same Brigade your looking at about a 6 month tour every two years but also take into consideration your build up training OPTAG. I have known lots of lads in the REME though going nearly every 18 months though with postings to other Units/Brigades. When I was at 16 Bde they went out to Afghan around April - Oct 2006, March-Oct 2008 and deploying later on this year again so approx 2 years for a full Brigade.

But this can depend on what Role your unit plays in the big jigaw.

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