Tours to extended to 12 months.

Not yet clever enough to post a link (Im sure one of you clever cnuts can help), but whilst frequenting my local branch of costas this weekend. I was imbibing a skinny mocha wocha hocha, and perousing the freebie news papers. When I came accross an article (think it was the Sunday hate) some politician scumbag is suggesting that tours to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, (Iran), be extended from 6 to 12 months.

Any one else share my OUTRAGE at such a suggestion?.
you're clearly on the wrong key setting badger, thius was done to death over the w/e...
I have heard talk of this sort of thing before and from the MOD's pov I can understand it. Rotating units every 6 months means that the supply chain is constantly moving people around. Also units settle into thier tour, get used to enemy MO, learn the ground, build some sort of relationship with the yocals, and as soon as that is done, they go home. Potentially it could save quite a bit of money. The yanks manage it.
From the soldiers pov it would be pretty sh!t, 6 months in Afghan is probably enough having seen the recent docu about the Guards unit. I cannot imagine telling that OC that at 6 months he is only half way there.
I think that soldiers could do 12 month tours but I think that the rate at which people leave afterwards would mean that it would cost more in the long run. Blokes could do a good number of 6 month tours if they get a reasonable break in between but perhaps only one 12 monther.

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