Tours of RMS Titanic, a reality?

It's fortunate out here that all the wrecks and crashed aircraft are protected. There is an ongoing effort to recover MIAs from the US warplanes but the wrecks themselves left alone. The Japanese have asked that no effort be made to recover their dead, the wreck is their grave and as far as I know, it's respected.
RIP A/S Bishop HMS HOOD .. 5 years after the war my nan found out he was on the Hood.


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The Loss of HMS Hood, affected so many people, it was a national disaster in many ways
and we lost a great part of our Youth
My friend's gardener was one of the three who survived the Hood sinking by virtue of being on the extreme edge of the pointy end and the captain of the Titanic was my great great uncle - but that's quite enough name-dropping for now.

A friend of mine filmed the Mir expedition to Titanic - they used to put large Styrofoam cups in keep nets outside the submersible. When they came up, they'd been compressed to the size of thimbles.

I can't see how mini submersibles are going to hasten the demise of the wreck.
Ballard said a Long time ago it could never be lifted. One idea was ping pong balls and Styrofoam he took the cup from his desk and put it in a cage it never got half way

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