Tours/Length of TA Basic Training

Evening all - new here, need some info from the guys in the know.
Did a GYC with Gunners a couple of years ago, presently coming to the end of my degree, and 'service' with the OTC, not really sure I fancy heading doing another 18 months trg in the mob before anything much interesting happens.
Sooo, my question is this, if I joined a local TA inf unit as a rifleman/pte soldier, what would the score be ref the timescale of going through basic trg, special to arm etc etc? Not trying to be a cocky gobshoite wanting a straight pass through everything, but having read some of the other topics it doesn't look like you have to be universal soldier to deploy...Essentially, just wouldn't mind getting on a tour for six months to earn a bit of cash and put off the inevitable pain of finding a proper job...

Thanks in advance, fellas...
transfer to another unit (and complete ur training with the OTC). Your MTQ ? counts as your recruit training.

I would recommend doing the special to arms trg, as it'll be needed if you don't go officer or good experience if you do.
depending on unit and your own abilities if going to infantry might not
have to do cic I served witha ex otc guy who joined ta and within 6 months found himself in the sandpit by end had given up idea of applying to be an officer though
next lot to go out will be in spring for summer tour so you will get a tan and lose weight .should be able to get all your stars at mcdonalds
while waiting to stag on at basra international airport home of direct flights to usa outward bound only if kerry gets in :lol:
I know of several people who have transferred GYCs to TA Gp A Commissions though they did do this straight after their GYC. One now serving as a regular officer in my Regt. You do lose all seniority though...
Yeah, not really interested in the officer thang; wouldn't dream of inflicting
my leadership on TA soldiers when it really mattered with as little training as I've had (though having watched some of your 'officers' in action while I was with a regular unit it seems you might be used to it)

Have got the rudiments under my belt, but being a Combat Support mucker, never really went past the GPMG stage - CIC presumably gives you 51mm, LAW 94 blah blah blah - all of this required before hitting the sangar in the sandpit?
hardly likely to touch 94 in the sandpit not as the iraqs have any armour left and didnt see any 51 mm out there .guess the underslung grenade launcher is more use (not that you will get one) depends on what you going to do out there if your force protection being alive and slightly
sane is the only qualfication needed
from what I can remember- we have had ex inf regs join us and obviously they didnt have to go through the TA training, but when we have had ex support arms regs join us (as we are an inf batt) they have had to complete training with recruits straight out of civvy street.

That said, we have had one or two lads, with no previous expirience, mobilised within a few months of completing phase two training. maybe if you could get you training done by the start of summer you get get yourself down on telic 7??

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