tours... i will ask the question again

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by speedybham, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. i'm rejoinin TA after leavin for a three years, i've gota redo basic... should i be successful what is the chance of bein mobilised?

    i know i've gota long way to go with my application as i've still got to complete basic (again), but i'm planning to move jobs from being self employed to working direct, i wouldn't make any job move if it's likely i would have the opportunity to deploy within 12 months of completing basic.

    i've asked this before but not really got any answers, other than to ask my PSI should my application be successful. If it was more likely i could be mobilised 12-18 months after joining i would feel abit better about a potential job move...
  2. msr

    msr LE

    FFS get back in first.

    Then worry about a tour. No one can make any promises about anything.

    If you have the skills and can meet the MATTs requirements the regular army wants they will take you. If not, they won't.

    And who is to say we won't have pulled out of Afghan in 12-18 months.

  3. FFS thanks for the reply msr :)

    just tryin to get things in order with work, if it's highly unlikely i will be given the opportunity to mobilise i wouldn't hesitate to make my job move otherwise i would stick with what ive got as things are abit more flexible bein selfemployed.... i aint tryin to pi$$ you off, im just tryin to get an idea of what other guys have experianced....
  4. Speedy, if you diss people who give you advice, and I did in your previous tours question, then people like msr will snap at you quite freely.

    As msr intimates, no-one can give you a clear cut answer as you're not back in yet & have your basic training to do, god only knows what the IR requirement will be by the time you are Fit For Deployment.

    Are you still joining as a VE?
  5. im not lookin to diss anyone giving advice,

    im in a bit of a tricky position with work and realise it wouldnt be fair on a new empolyer to be up and off with 6 months of gettin a job, thats all, if this is likley in the best possible scario i would prefer to wait before making an job move...

    no disrespect to anyone intended, and yes i was previously a VE CLASS2

  6. As other posters have said it all depends. TA regs actually gives the CO dispensation that if the unit deploys he can take recruits under training if he deems it OK. In practice this would be most probably for people like yourself who still retain the knowledge but are only recruits as you have timed out and the CO would look at the PDT as well. I know this has been done with one high commitment unit. So you could deploy in short order but may not!
  7. you have asked a number of times about the process of getting back in.

    i even replied to the one regarding unspent convictions.

    you said yourself

    i think talking and planning for tours is very premature at this stage. as i told you myself

    you ARE getting answers. the problem is you just dont like them :roll:
  8. Do the TA still have VE's, the regs don't?
  9. i'm greatful for everyones response to all my questions re tours, convictions and anthing else....

    i've been upfront and honest and my previous conviction, thats now all sorted out and i'm now lookin forward to progressing my application further hence the questions....

    i was askin for guys experiance with joinin and tours, my previous thread only got two responses
  10. You can go on tour when you like, it isn't just a case of being sent after completing training. At the end of the day, it's you who volunteers.
  11. Yes the TA still have Vehicle Electricians and you're correct, the regulars don't.
  12. You are giving the impression that you are able to stay self-employed - i.e you are not having to go paye for career/financial reasons. If so, and you really want to be deployed then for God's sake stay self-employed,
    a) As you say, you won't be fcuking about your employer if you deploy.
    b) You will be free(er) to attend all the courses you need to be deployable.
    c) Presumably (and if it suits) you will be in a better position to go FTRS.
  13. Yes I know I'm correct.
  14. Thanks for the reply, i might being moving to work direct if work doesn't pickup in the next couple of months. I will stay on company director and draw a salary, the only reason i would take a full time job would to get some regular pay...

    I posted the thread because i would like to plan as best possible the next year, i know this would not be an easy task and depends on lots of factors but i just don't know what i will be doing in 12 to 18 months time.