Tours and opportunities for those serving with 17 P&M reg?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by 94gg, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Am posted there in December, any know of ANYthing interesting going on in '13
  2. Get the name right mate...17 sport and pastime, mind you it was the RCT then...might have changed.
  3. Op Tosca I think, but you have probably missed the boat for that.

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  4. TOSCA deploys in Apr 13 so you might make it.
  5. I ******* doubt 'it' will make anything. It has posted a big fat jobbie in the middle of CA's. This, inspite of the thread that he posted on in the RLC forum.
    94GG you are a ******* turd now stop asking bone ******* questions, piss off to Marchwood, where you can pick up your fabloned 'get out of fizz free card' and talk shit.
  6. Great, just what we need more off.
  7. I'm sure 94gg is the most loved mong on arrse.
  8. Not for much longer mate!!! Are you TCWO yet?
  9. No mate, I've moved across to my 'actual' PID. Disbandment parade next Thursday, end of a short era.
  10. I might come down for that, NOT!!!

    Have fun mate.