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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I would normally start this as a funny with a start line of "this belongs in the NAAFI!" but today I am serious. I have been out for 18 years and I have been told my behaviour is deteriorating to that of a new lad in the Bn. I have been swearing a lot or so it seems and recently been reported for innapropriate behaviour at work. I have been told that I told a course facilitator that "I bet she takes it up the Gary Glitter" when discussing a fellow course student! Edited to add she is female.
    I have seriously no recollection of this and I am a tad concerned. I did point out to the course instructors that they were talking psuedo psycho drivel and I suspect I am being victimised. I am not after legal help, I have recntly joined the union mainly as a result of this and I am wondering if there is any medical test I can take which will indicate if I have Tourrettes or I am just a foul mouthed ex squaddie?
    Help please as I cant pay my mortgage on the dole!
  2. Monkey piss!!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What do you mean, I know I usually take the urine but this is a serious request!
  4. ...................................................................

    maybe you just need more salt in your diet or are not smoking enough :D

    Tourrettes self help form

    do you make whooping sounds prior to an outburst

    do you shout or swear or both

    do outburst happen without your being aware your doing it

    can you spell your name [ and always correctly]

    does an outburst happen in public places or in private

    what would you say is the main stresser which triggers an outburst

    do you own shoes [ not flip flops]

    do you get violent during an outburst

    what name is the captain of the star ship voyager known as

    what is your shirt collar size

    have you now or ever sniffed harpic

    please print and post completed medical form to

    the f**kinf tourrets society

    f**king kentigern house
    f**king 65 brown street
    f**king glasgow
    f**king G2 8EX

    :D :D :D
  5. For f**ks sake. You bunch of cnuts. This is f**king serious. If he can't f**king articulate himself without f**king swearing, he is f**ked in civvi street. No f**ker will take the cnut seriously, and he will be f**king well up sh1t street without the f**king paddle!

    Oh boll0x, i've just f**king well read my own cnuting post.

    I'm f**ked too.

  6. I went through basic training (when dinosaurs roamed the earth etc) with a lad who had a weird habit of turning his head over to one side and making a strange clicking noise, this got steadily worse but everyone just ignored it. Eventually he ended up at a para unit (so I'm told) and it was only when he was kicked off the drill square by the RSM that he was diagnosed as having tourettes. It had got bad enough that he was stopped from handling weapons and driving. I'm told it led to his discharge on medical grounds.

    This isn't any help in your case, but it was always incredibly funny to us watching him on parade trying to resist the twitch.

    Looking back at it now it was stunningly obvious that something was wrong and should have been investigated, but I still can't help but snigger at the memory of him in the CS chamber...
  7. Tourettes is not just about swearing, it in fact a movement disorder,ie,having a tic, normally begins in childhood and progresses to multiple complex tics, including repiratory and vocal ones.Vocal ticks maybe begin as Grunting or Barking noises and evolve into compulsive utterances and only 50% pick up Coprolalia (Involuantary scatologic utterances(Swearing).Patients may voluntarily suppress them for several seconds or minutes.

    I remember a RCT WO2 in Batus in the 70,s had quite a bad one. His tic was worse than his utterances. Nice guy though.

    Hope this helps ugly, I don't think you have tourettes though as it is inherited and begins in childhood.

    No doubt if you GOOGLE it, there are several websites on the subject.

  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thanks fellas, I checked the Coprolalia and although it sounds right I dont think I have the right path to the symptons. Oddly enough there were plenty of twitchers when I served including an RSM, but I suppose I must just be common and forgetful. I hope the discipline hearing is as deaf as I am or I may let a few slip out, lying b'stards!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Treatment for coprolalia is primarily pharmacologic with dopamine-blocking agents and other medications.

    This of a website, any idea if these are "relaxants"? I might give it a try but I worry about my FAC if I'm on medication!
  10. Nah, ugly, I don't think you have Tourrettes, either. In the other thread you say you are an accomplished shooter.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Would that stop me being able to hit the target? Might explain a few things! Mind you firing a shotgun one handed displays probably less sense than I should exhibit!

    Mind you looking at the UCH list of drugs gives side effects. I think I'm going to learn to control it or just get a job back out on site!