Tourniquet /dead leg

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by looney, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Any medics care to share with me how long I would have to tourniquet my stepdaughters ex boyfriend’s leg before it dies beyond repair? I’m guessing beyond blue? this will be conducted in his residence so time limits apply.
    I will be cutting off one of his ears as a bonus for his attack on her in front of her Kids. I don’t want him to die (yet). Pain and after shock are all the symptoms required.
    Fingers, nose and a cut of Cnut into his forehead standard.
    Any other suggestions welcome.
  2. No idea, perhaps try cabole ties to make life easier?
  3. Seen.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Call it an experiment. String him upside-down by the leg you intend to mangle, apply the tourquinet, and time how long it takes before his body weight pulls it off.
  5. Loon, I think you're being very selfish in hogging the fun. I reckon there are several Arrsers who'd be more than happy to assist with this very delicate surgery.
  6. I have to break into his fathers house to get to him though..
  7. I know what you are saying mate but i have to screw the nut on him here, second time he's done it, British court system fined him on first.
    It isn’t going to happen again.
  8. A tourniquet should not be applied for more than three hours.

    May I plant a little Idea in your head? I come from a farming background, when baby lambs are born a tight elastic is placed around the tail on all lambs and around the testicles of selected male lambs, after about ten days or so the tail/ testicles drop off.

    If I were you I would start exsanguinating little parts of him then slowly move on to bigger parts, perhaps starting with his finger and ending with his c0ck. You wouldn't really want to be hangin around for over a month waiting for his leg to drop off, coz by that point you would have got bored and killed him. To be honest a leg sized amount of necrotic and gangrenus flesh doesn't strike me as much fun, it stinks an dleaks everywhere, letting a little bit of him drop off at intervals I would have thought would be much more pleasurable.
  9. I recon cutting off his balls and stuffing them in his mouth should do it
  10. Oh and if you use certain types of fishing wire once it is embedded in the flesh its a b@stard to remove.
  11. Loon Use ice on fingers, toes, ears, dick the list just goes on and on frost bite the gift that just keeps on giving.
  12. oh injecting adrenaline into extremeties has the same effect as frost bite etc, you could rohypnol him, fill his fingers toes and c0ck full of adrenaline then take delight in watching bits shrivel up and drop off over the weeks.
  13. Me thinks again..
  14. Thanks for that post ... you have no idea how quickly I have just ripped the rubber band off my willy ... thankfully I only had it on for a day or so! 8O
  15. You can’t afford to loss many more extremities. :D