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Quick question that i can't seem to get a answer for. When you enter American and get given the 90 day tourist visa and then stay the full 90 days. Is there a time limit on how soon you can go back there? I want to travel for a year there and i am considering doing 90 days at a time then back in th UK for 2 weeks then back to America, and so on for a year.

Thank you in advance.


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I don't know about time limits but I do know that they'll spot the pattern on visit 3 and investigate to see if you're working. Why not just get a 1 year visa? Its a bit difficult but not overly so
Do you know if the one year visa costs anything? I looked into citezenshipnot long back and it seemed to be a few grand for them to possibly say no.
I think its a bit cheeky for the richest nation in the world to start charging for ESTA for the privilege of visiting the USA, its almost a third world thing to do.

Australia used to do it and now its free for their ETA scheme.

If a family of four is going to visit Disney world its going to cost an extra $56 at the current exchange rate £35.98 if they use a credit card there the charges to consider on top of that.

Bollocks to that, Iam glad I managed to go 7 times before these charges kicked in.

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