Touring rugby teams down under...

It's a shameful situation really.

The Springboks have toured here almost every year in the past decade with full-strength teams, despite incurring a few wallopings. The last time England toured SA was 2000, and now we slap them in the face with this half-arssed effort.

The reasons are also only semi-valid. Granted, there are championship trophies the weekend before over here, but the final of the Super 14 is that same weekend too, in which SA will almost certainly have 1 team, possibly even 2.

The RFU and/or IRB should be brought to account for this farce.
No they haven't. The last time they toured (last Autumn?) they were lambasted for bringing over a weakened team. Get your facts right fella.

The RFU have their hands tied because players aren't on a central contract unlike nations such as NZ. They have been further hampered by the fact that two English sides have reached the final of the European Cup. Also factor in the limits on the number of games that players are allowed and you may see why guys aren't travelling
I was aware of the make-up of the Autumn team.

Let's then call it "they toured with a team strong enough to win."

What were the scores? Boks had 2 point loss and then large victory?

This current Eng side's gonna concede 50!
Obelix said:
This current Eng side's gonna concede 50!
Don't be so sure, it isn't THAT bad a side. The lads who are standing in such as Darren Crompton, Roy Winters, Mark Regan and the entire back line arn't exactly shite.

Those Bristol boys played what is basically 50% of the England elite XV at Welrod Road today, and didn't do too badly.

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