Maybe you could go for Signals. Or guard Buckingham Palace. Its quite ironic that you want to serve your country considering your country wants to kick your head in.
I have a cadet in my detachment who says he has Tourettes. The Colonel Commandant will be visiting us soon and I hope he says 'Fück off you shitstabbing peado cünty b0llocks, I've fücked your mum up the ricker' or something like that.

I will laugh my arrse off.

Anyway Malc, after six months in the kate, I doubt anyone will notice you have tourettes judging by the generally liberal use of 'swearing, soldiers for the use of' expended daily by troops at home or overseas.
Im sure you can talk him into it beforehand.Actually then he might blurt out by accident 'he told me to say it'.Scrap that idea.

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