Tourettes!!! Fukc!!! Dogs???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Watching the BBC2 prog on Tourettes and laughing my socks off.

    I know it's PC wrong but I canny help it.

    Are TS sufferers allowed to wn a dog?

    I have a dog and swear like a trooper at times but for those with TS?...

    Sit!!! Shitt!! Fuck!!!??

    Budgies? Polly wanna cracker?? Tweet fukUU, fukUU!!

    I know it's wrong to laugh, but I'll meet you in hell, mine's a pint.

    Dogs? Tourettes?

    Any of you Fockers have any advice?
  2. The missus turned over as I kept laughing.

    Favourite part, whilst talking to his dog "Ah, you giving me a paw? FUCK!"
  3. On Tourettes , check out John punching Dotty, in the supermarket. First he nudges her then punches er straight in the face........

    :) :D :p
  4. Where do I get my Tshirt?

    Fuck, cunt pissflaps, greasy kno9b pole sucker.....

    Poor feckers.

    Funny as though.

    I'm a chicken!
  5. I only wish I could see that program - sounds like it would be a right howl. :p :p
  6. I'll see your "howl" and raise you an... Owl FCUKKK!!!! TWIT!!!!
  7. The full screw who greeted me at Newcastle central had a far more colourful vocabulary than wee Johnny or big Johnny for that matter.Perhaps he should have been directed to a more fullfiling life as a squaddie where idle chit chat was simply ignored.The attention seeking fcuking,b@stard Dotty fcuking tw@tting,JOCK,Cnuting Kn@cker.My dog only ever came back to get here you fcuking tw@t.And stand by....Go at pelican crossings .roll: :D
  8. They can only own a dog if they can prove they live within 3 stops from Ilford.
  9. What Leeds Josey?. 8O 8O
  10. H3

    H3 LE

  11. Go...come..back...go.."cnut"(sorry),thats it go on,come back ,oh fcuk it,lilly you tw@t lets cross :? :D
  12. I laughed hard when i clicked on the BBCi player link only to be warned it may contain strong language