Tourettes-etc - Whats your favorite disorder?

Favorite Disorders

  • Tourettes- The best every time!

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  • Downs- The best for window licking

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  • Autism- look at the lovely pattern

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With willing anticipation, i await tonights programme on ITV1 called 'teenage tourettes'. I personally find tourettes one of natures most hilarious ailments. I just love it when you find a really good belter in say a shoping centre, yelling out expletives for all to hear, oblivious to the trauma he/she is causing. SUPERB

Reminds me of a kid we had a school. During A levels, we had to attend one of those boring science conferences in London with lots of hairy eyebrowed cretins talking about how important their respective topics were. I was sat next to this prat (called tom) who had a very severe case of tourettes. If you whispered a word into his ear, he would belt it out at the top of his voice without ever being able to resist! The fun! During one particularly boring lecture on astro physics, whispered the word 'knobcheese' and seconds later, out it came in all its glory. 'KNOBCHEESE' he shouted and everyone looked round at him. poor little tw@ was very embarrased by this so obviously, i did the decent thing and whispered fcukhead into his lug. Out it came again with evem more venom. F-F-F-FKUCHEAD! he shouted. Brilliant. What a superb disorder.
Cheers for the heads up, just added it to my sky+ thing.
Mate of mine had a copy of the bbc documentary that was screened in the mid 90's reckoned it was the finest piece of comedy he'd seen in a long while.


I’m watching the Tourettes kids now :D
I just cant stop laughing :D :D :D :D

The girl who shouts nigger a black kids :D
The boy who shouts bomb at air ports :D
The boy who shouts paki in Indian restaurants :D

This is the pure comical gold that dreams are made of :D :D
Is this the funniest disease ever?

After cancer. WIZZLES
Torrets or Derby County, I'd take the torrets.

just watched it love the girl shouting "nigger" :lol:
wizzles !?! :D a new word lol
I want to marry the burd that shouts n1gger!!!!!

She's brill
It sounds like a Naafi bar at last orders! :lol:

"Tourettes Syndrome: It's ball-lickingly fcuking awesome. P1ssflaps!"
Adventure Trg:

It's like their own P-Company- zip lines, heights, foul language. When are they going to start milling?
"Some people have to touch all four corners of the room"

That'll explain the gym queens then. :)

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