Tourettes Ch 4 - NOW.....!!

Keith Allen escorts a group of Scottish kids with Tourettes to Paris on a bus......


Get on it.

(It's actually NOT funny, you know...!!)


buggeritt melenium hand and shrimp.... Foul Ole Ron Terry Prachett


hahaha nothing better than this :):) i know someone who has it and they dont come out with anything as funny as this lot , perhaps its because their scottish :twisted:


Fuc k, bolloc ks, w ank...tourettes must be the most hilarious affliction ever. I saw a docu in the `80s on it and the concensus amongst my mates was we`d like to take one of them on the pi ss down union street and see what happened... :D


had a lady with tourettes come into where i worked - she had a little badge saying i apologise in advance if i offend you. the receptionists are mainly black. so its hello you effin n1gger can i effin n1gger book an appointment effin n1gger for tomorrow hee hee oh dear. was well funny. we were peein ourselves behind the corner.
Just watching the last bit at the bbq when Dickson is singing and they are hurling all sorts of abuse at him and blaming on Tourettes! Being racist and blaming the poor kids-CLASSIC. Watching these poor unfortunate kids and how they cope is Fcuking HILARIOUS.


I can't believe it even featured John from 'Johns not mad'. I still laugh every time I walk past the Nescafe in the supermarket.
Outstanding programme, did not stop laughing the whole way through - even the missus saw the funny side :D

Why are they trying to cure this? Its a gift - everyone should have the chance to be around someone with this :D

How did they ever diagnose anyone with this in Scotland - the entire population mumbles incoherrently in between shouting expletives :p

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