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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Hulkamania, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. With Herrick having a 2014 target of withdrawal what are the chances of getting on a tour for a TA Infantry Soldier?
  2. I’m taking a guess (from where you have posted) that you are not in yet. I would say that by time you are in, and have got through Training, the chances are Nil. However there is still Op-Tosca open to TA. OK it’s not Herrick but as good as it gets until something else comes along.
  3. Argh bugger, thought as much, thanks anyway. No I'm not in yet but am still going to apply.
  4. We had TA mobilised & subsequently attached to our company for CFX & deployment only to find our role for H19 had been binned.

    Still, least they enjoyed a few weeks of the German summer!
  5. So would a TA unit that's deploying go do pre deployment training with a reg unit?
  6. We had a dozen individuals from 4-5 different TA units attached to us for CALFEX/ CFX only (was surprised they joined us so late in to our MST tbh having missed all of the cascade training). They would have done FTX as well if we were still deploying.
  7. Ok, really want to get on a tour, will wait with hope. :)
  8. With Afghan closing down that is it - no more tours.

    Don't forget WWI was "The war that would end all wars"
  9. Can't say I'm not disappointed but never mind ey.
  10. Will recruitment start to slow down then since there's no tours anymore? Always seems to be recruiting adverts for regs and TA on radio and tv these days.
  11. Isn't the new look 'Army Reserves' supposed to emulate the US reserve forces? With all the lay-offs from the regs and the subsequent target hike of 30,000 army reserves, it should be pretty likely of being mobilised. At least that's my understanding of it! Anyway, there are still the obvious Cyprus and Kenya peacekeeping bits and bobs...

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  12. No
  13. Not that obvious as I've never heard of peacekeeping in Kenya and I've done 5 Ex Grand Prix there.
  14. I'm hoping to get more operational experience as I never got much when I was in the regular army (prior to Telic/Herrick). Obviously it looks like things will slow down a lot now but in reality who knows for sure?

    You've got to be in it to win it.

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  15. Won't there still be a Force Protection role at Camp Soutar after Herrick finishes?