Tour with TA before Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by frogit5, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Basically I'm just about to do my final A level exam, however not sure they have gone to plan and as a consequence I might not achieve my offer grades for uni next year. That said I might be fine but I'm just thinking about plans for next year if they don't go well.

    I'm not inclined to just take a gap year and do resits as my university of choice doesn't tend to accept resit grades if you re-apply, and I don't really want to go anywhere else.

    I'm fortunate enough to have an Army Scholarship so can go to Sandhurst whenever I want to take up my place, however I don't think I'm quite ready yet. How long would it take, hypothetically to join my local TA Battalion, do my basic, and do a tour in Afghanistan as a rifleman? IF I was to do this I'm looking at going on the May 2012 intake to Sandhurst, does that seem like a reasonable time scale to complete basic training and go on operations?

    Thanks in advance and apologies if I seem like a tool. That's teenagers for you :roll:
  2. Ask 4 PARA. They used to offer a military gap year. They are on the web and The_Duke who posts on here.
  3. Use the search function. There are loads of "how soon can i get on tour after joining the TA" threads on here.
  4. I've been told that you have to wait 2 years after completeing cic before you can start pre-deployment training
  5. Many previous threads on this topic. Search, have a think if your queries are answered then come back.

    Seriously consider why you would be going on tour as a soldier rather than waiting to do it as an officer.

    Edited to add 4 Para are not currently running a gap year scheme this year and SOME soldiers from 4 Para have been unable to deploy due to lack of experience mainly due to poor attendance despite being in Battalion for longer than 12 months.

    The recent PDT package took over 6 months with most names confirmed well in advance. Deploying is not simply pass CIC go straight to Chilwell
  6. It really does depend.

    In my experience if you are switched on and have a good report from CIC they may let you get cracking on ops when you like;

    however if you are a mongflap, expect to be looking at Tosca...
  7. RP578

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    I don't know how dated your experience is, but I think that it must have been before last autumn. I too have known (indeed recommended) switched-on Riflemen straight out of CIC to mobilise straight away for Herrick, but this is no longer permissable.

    Since last Oct/Nov Director Infantry Employment (DIE) training has been brought in to ensure that all TA soldiers are up to Regular Infantry Grade 1 Infantryman standard before being allowed to mobilise for Afghanistan (does not apply for Cyprus as far as I'm aware). In essence this equates to a year's worth of tactics and weapons training. TA battalions warned off to supply warm bodies for upcoming tours, dedicate the preceding year to DIE training.
  8. No such intake, July or September only options now.
  9. You're thinking of the TACC. I think the OP is talking about regular Sandhurst.
  10. Sandhurst Entry Months: January, May, September. Three intakes every year.