Tour Tunes.

For me, most tours have a tune that takes me right back to them. It's normally a tune which everyone was into, but it can be a dire tune which was simply always there in the background.

I don't think it's quite the same now. On tours these days you're often overladen with MTV (not PB stuff, but Iraq was laced with TVs in cookhouses). Also, with iPods etc most people can listen to what they want. For most of my early career you chose what CDs to put in your CD wallet, so has a capped choice (my first tour was with a box of tapes), then you heard anything else on BFPS or SSVC (as was then).

So here they are:

Bosnia 1995 - Wonderwall and ( not by choice) Saturday Night by Wigfield.

Bosnia 1997 - You Know What I Mean by Oasis ( they went through a phase of releasing albums every time I went on tour), Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve and Love Fool by The Cardigans. Also Encoure Une Fois by Sash, but that was more the turbo hedonistic leave.

Residential tours of NI - doesn't work like that.

Iraq 2004 - Sweet Home Alabama. Not too modern, but I was attached to the Americans and they belted this out a lot.

NI 2005 - James Blunt.

Saffron Sands 2005 - Three Kings by James Blunt.

Iraq 2006 - Hips Don't Lie by that Columbian bird. It was etched into my brain by being one of about 5 songs that MTV played for the whole tour (and hence always on in the cookhouse). Another was Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado. Also, my Sgt Maj used Fire Starter as a psych up prior to strike ops.

Anyone else?
Belfast 1977 - Peaches by the Stranglers.

1979 Dungannon.

Sharing a room with a Telford born, country and Western fan. Me a Soul/Reggae loving boy from SE London.

A truce was declared and whenever we had time off , we took in in turns to control the cassette player.

He got me into Don Williams greatest hits and other such 'wife's left me and the dog's died' dirges , I got him into 'Burning' and 'Exodus' by the Wailers amonst others.

Tunes forever on the radio for that tour were......

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell - YouTube

Eddy Grant - Living on the front line - YouTube

Janet Kay ~ Silly Games - YouTube

Toots & the Maytals - Take It From Me (No Honey, No Love) 1979 - YouTube

Tubeway Army / Gary Numan - Are 'friends' electric? - YouTube

The Belfast tour of 81/82 was too much of a pain for me to even want to remember.

Think that Madness and The Style Council pretty much had most of the top 20 sown up....but these two spring to mind.

Human League - Don't you want me 1982 - YouTube

Soft Cell - Tainted Love (1981) - YouTube

Back there in 84, 86 and 90. Married and an NCO by then so weirdly i can't rememeber much about the music....guess it would have been FGTH and Rap type influences....but i know that i would have stuck to what i knew and liked, and the 'Exodus' tape went wherever i did.

Bob Marley & the Wailers -- Exodus - YouTube
Iraq 2004 - Sweet Home Alabama. Not too modern, but I was attached to the Americans and they belted this out a lot.
'These Words' by Natasha Bedingfield for me. BFBS played it roughly every 47 seconds after it came out, only to be interrupted by giving 'shout outs' to Loggies at Shaibiza whinging about how hard it was having to walk half a mile for a Pizza Hut.


Bosnia 2004/05 - Oasis - listened to their entire collection on some cheap CDs courtesy of CD alley on an epic drive to the Croatian border.
Iraq - 2006 - Gnarls Berkly - Crazy- It seemed to be on BFBS and MTV constantly
Afghanistan 2007 - The Top Gun soundtrack. We didn't spend much time in camp so when out and about one of the blokes absolutely loved it and played it non-stop.

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