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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. This weekend, when I get home from Auld Reekie, I am going to take all of my tour tee-shirts and burn them. This partly because I am a confirmed and practising arsonist but also because I do not want them to fall into the hands of Walts.

    So if you see a black plume arising in the West on Saturday, spare a moment to think of the git who though "Hard Rock Cafe Banja Luka" was side-splittingly funny enough to be printed on 1000s of Fruit of the Loom and knocked out at 10 DM a throw. Or indeed the idiots (erm...oh dat's me!..)who bought one.

    Think not too unkindly of the troop sergeant major in 1984 who insisted we have witty comments deriding the parachute regiment and airborne forces on our Cdo bty's tee-shirt...which arrived just before we went off on deployment alongside 1 PARA...made PT a bit more exciting and contributed to impressive times when doing personal phys.
  2. Give us a shout when you get it going, i've got one that's got a cartoon of a crashing 3 quarter tonne landrover with a red cross on the side, that says

    "Ambulance Strike 1990. We buried our mistakes"
  3. Hmmm.

    I have to ask you not to burn them just yet!!!!!!


    I am currently thinking of knocking up a sort of museum but on the t'internet of all the tour and unit shirts. Some of them are great and should surely be remembered.

    I am thinking at the moment, of a page with a gallery of someone wearing it, with a shot of all the bits on it, ie front, back images and any arm type stuff. Also a little bit about why it was done, when and by whom... maybe a little history on the unit.

    Any feed back?
  4. I've still got 'Hard Rock Cafe Bagdad - closed due to strong desert storm' and Hard Rock cafe Kuwait - 'Under new management'

    And Bart Simpson chasing Saddam with 'You can run but you can't hide

    I don't have 'These colours don't run' on a Union Jack, that was cheesy even in 1990

    The most pathetic one I think was the one from Minden 'Hoot and Roar with 664'
  5. Cuddles-

    Far more fun to go "on patrol" (ahem, ahem) in to BL to the actual BL Hard Rock & buy one there. I have a great picture of 3 of us looking most ally outside, along with a very pretty but very mad vet...

    As for all the other Unit/tour T-shirts: what was I thinking?!? I found a black binliner of them the other day, some not even opened. Some real specials like Balkan Caterer 20xx or the BLMF Metalman 20xx; neither event I had anything to do with (except scoffing the pies after the catering, obviously!)
  6. do you want a "Sadam swung for me" to add to it fresh from the gallows telic9 tour
  7. No, I don't want any of them! I thought I had made it quite clear - with the exception of the Club de Rugby Racing Banja Luka prototype which I treasure; as I am sure do all of those who took part in those mental games of touch and almost touch...
  8. Must dig out one of those One Area (Central) TSG "I predict a riot" rugby shirts that were so popular a couple of years ago

  9. Always regretted we never got the Banja Luka Toucans RFC off the ground - had a great shirt design & everything!
  10. you probably shouldnt see this then:
  11. Don't forget the old "Sniper Section Sarajevo" t-shirt ... bought only by REMFs and Effy staff.
  12. Still got my "Quaffing in Ollies Bar 1994" T-Shirt named after the JR's Bar in Kahawa Camp Nairobi.
    Named after the late Oliver Read, who we asked if we could name it after him, he said yes and sent £10 for us to have a drink on him! Top Bloke!
  13. I still have my 'Join The Army,see The World,meet Interesting People-and kill them'' t-shirt.It's a bit shrunken now!! In today's PC world,it might not be very acceptable.There were car stickers too,in the 1960s.Anyone got one?
  14. and badges....