Tour tax!!

Read today that if the conservatives get the next election, we wont have to pay tax on tour. Im sure they will take it off us somewhere else, might sort out unhappiness with deployments though?
I knew I heard something about that today...
Sounds good to me.... I did hear that too... Will it happen? I think we should continue to go on tour for free...lolol
IIRC it was a Conservative goverment that said we would only be in Bosnia for two years. It's now been fourteen.
Just read in the sun it is under review by labour as weel, who knows might get some news on a pay rise or tour tax cuts soon!
bout fecking time!
daddyguns said:
Just read in the sun it is under review by labour as weel, who knows might get some news on a pay rise or tour tax cuts soon! bout fecking time!

Not paying tax on tour will probably result in:

A. Loss or reduction of X factor.
B. Charged for food and accom on tour.
C. Loss of LOA.
D. Loss of LSSA.

The other thing to remember is that if a British citizen is paid by a British registered company into a British registered bank then they would still be required to pay tax even if they were working abroad.
Companies/individuals get round this by either registering the company abroad or by being paid into an off shore bank account.
We can't do either.
To allow us to be tax free paid on Ops would require a change in law that would open the flood gates for hundreds of companies and a huge loss in revenue for the treasury.

Nice idea - will never happen.
you're right, it will never catch on. because following on from the logic, us not paying tax whilst abroad = less income in the tax coffers = government decides to whittle down operational deployments to boost tax coffers = better standard of life for soldiers all round - less tours, and more money when you do go.

that is why i think it is bollox and will never happen. but then, i remember soldiers in the early 90s urging everyone to continue to vote tory, because if labour ever got in they would systematically f*ck over the armed forces.

ah well. we're not bitter.
Whilst the government is seriously considering paying us tax free whilst on ops, i'm sure somebody somewhere is devising a plan on what bonuses they will cancel to even out the governments losses. How about the UN pay that every other nations soldiers receive whilst on humanitarian ops, thats some serious back pay.
Hope Labours promise of £2,000 bonus for a 6 month tour is not hot air.
- tour length reduced to 5 months and 2 weeks.
- your R & R resets the clock or effectively reduces your tour to less than 6 months.
I think it is a poor effort at trying to calm the stormy seas! .............Look what we ( the government) are doing for our troops! ....................How about providing enough of whats needed to go round everyone!
It all seems to be OK at the moment. I have just done my Bn's for the final month of our tour this year. It works out as £12.31 a day. So if you haven't had it, see your admin staff because everything is in place to pay it now.
"It'll never happen", came the shouts from the non-believers.

Oh, it happened!!

The b@stards must be up to something
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