Tour Romances

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rotorjock, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. I was minded recently of those full on "tour" romances that are always a full on "love" job until the couple hit UK shores again.

    Probably the saddest one being the young squaddie who married a young lady from Belize to have her leave him almost as soon as they had reached Brize!

    I think we have all seen this happen at one time or another in all sorts of unlikely places in the world.

    Does anyone have experiences/stories that they would like to share with us?
  2. have you got that experience? why else would you require this information, if not?

    so we can ridicule? or will it it end up in the media somewhere?
  3. Good one!!! they always keep the troops happy when on tour and especially when the big bust up happens as the chap finally discovers that his "one and only love" has gone back to being ugly again after the tour beauty magic has worn off!!

    love them and leave them I say!!! (and a few lies along the way never hurts!!) - especially if no one els eis getting any.

    And if theres any gorgious young fit females looking for a tour romance you know where I am!!!!!
  4. I am very pleased to say that you are definately woofing up the wrong tree there Cowboy.

    I dont think there has been a place yet that I have been to (and there have been some pretty remote ones) that this hasnt happened in one form or another.

    Perhaps the best entertainment is to be had in the situation where females are in limited supply and some young unfortunate is in love with one of those females only to be dumped and have to watch her do the rounds with his mates!

    The joys of life and people watching.
  5. Cowboy is just jealous as the only people he fell in love with were other men. Probably overweight, ginger, JNCOs.
  6. So does he still send you flowers on your birthday GB? :lol:
  7. I tried to hide my love for him but it kept popping over the waistband of my 95s.
  8. ahhhh!!!! the pleasures of a tour wife!!!!!
  9. I remember a certain RSM and the COs pretty female driver when they were on a Kenya trip - lucky B*****d
  10. get it right geordie, i was the gwar, but not always a jnco;)
  11. Have you been busted down then?
  12. do I go WAhhhhhhhhh now or after :wink:
  13. we have one at the mo, she got sent back for being crap, he followed shortly after with depression. i would be if all the reg had nailed her before me!
  14. I guess they say that they are not meant to work, but at least two people i know have had tour romances. One of them is now Married and still together with her blokey. And the other one is living with her bloke and that has been going on for over a year! But maybe they are exceptions to the rule!!