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Tour of England - Places to Visit?

I intend to buy a small campervan, take 3 months out to tour some of England's more beautiful places alone. I know ARRSE members come from far and wide and no doubt have special places that made them a little homesick while away on tour. Where should I visit?
I might do Wales afterwards. As for the Carvan Club, thanks for that number though I shall not be using caravan parks, there's plenty of rivers for wahsing in. This will be a 'wild' trip, sleep wherever.

The Tar Steps look great, thanks, they are on my list. Not keen on the aquarium though, I'm hoping for mainly outdoor stuff.
You should go to the highlands at some point, and stand on the top of Ben Nevis at sunrise. Bivvying on the top can be a bit chilly, but the morning is worth it.
My father had a thing about getting out and about. If the road you are on has a narrower off-shoot follow that. If the road junction offered a route uphill and a route downhill follow that

Follow the course of the Pennines. Then into the Highlands and West Coast of Scotland. Pick a theme - industrial, churches, waterways - whatever and explore based on that
Beware it's very addictive I said the same thing 4 yrs ago last year I spent nearly 40 weeks on the road and I very rarly leave Wales there just so much to se and do when you take your hotelroom with you. Most country pubs will let you overnight in their carpark if you spend a few bob, If you have a drink make sure that your windscreen is covered with some kind of screen and fit a steering lock this will make it very unlikly for you to be done for a drunk in charge prosecution as you must show intent . You are probably better off buying a second hand van as you will find it has all the bits already inside.

THe MCC is not the Caravan Club differant horse it will give free advice about all sorts a things and if you show up at onf of their rallys as a trial run they will give you all the info you ever need, they also have good partys at Tenby last sumer there were 200+ vans IT was great with people from as far away as Poland ,
If you want to cover the south end of the peak district I would suggest this as a route (Stop where you want)

Warslow (Via Morridge)
Monyash. (Stop at Arbor Low on the way)
Edale (Climb Kinder Scout whilst you're there)
Cat & Fiddle.

Go by the shortest route making maximum use of back roads. If you wanted a circuit you could cut back down to Leek.

Other places in England to make a point of visiting: (in no particular order)

North Norfolk coast.
Northumberland - Bamburgh.
Lake District - Wastwater.
North Devon.

Avoid any industrial towns in the East Midlands and South Pennines. Oh, I'd give London and the South East a miss too.

Have a good trip!

Edit: Apparently Wastwater is a swearword!
Also the first place to visit before you bey is Shepton Mallet, Bath a West showground on January 9th-11th for the Outdoor Leasure Show where there will be thousands of vans for you to inspect
Up to the north of Leeds. Otley, Ilkley & Harrogate. Head north east to the Yorkshire Moors National Park. At Richmond turn left and drive across Swaledale (absolutely magnificent) until you reach the Lake Disrict. Do a tour there then drive back through the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Lancashire, Trough of Bowland up to Lancaster.
tropper66 said:
Wasing in streams are you mad I carry 150 LTRS in my tank
Mad? Not really sure. 60/40 possibly. This trip should help me balance it out a bit. I'd like to stumble upon a place and be able to say "I could live here forever". (As long as it's got a stream for washing in).

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