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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. 2-Year Tour

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  2. 3-Year Tour

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  1. Return of Service issues aside, are all Int Corps Soldiers on 3-Year Tours now?
  2. Mine is a 30 month assignment.
  3. Current tour is 2 years, though the next one will probably because of FORM.
  4. Tours should be 30 months now to align individuals with FORM.
  5. Just a question, which someone may know the answer to, do non-form posts also last 30 months? Particularly tours outside of the Bde.

    BTW Combatintman, Section doo down town on 15th Apr. You around this part of the world then?
  6. Non-form tours are still usually 24 months, of course this is just a guide, blah, blah, etc, etc
  7. So it would appear that OPMIs are still on 24-month tours, whereas the OPMI(L)s are on 36-month tours. It's good to see that we have parity of service throughout the Single Trade. :roll:
  8. that extra stability for the wife & kids must be a right bugger.

    do you lot EVER stop moaning? :)
  9. CR am I right in assuming that your tour lengths are decided by the availablity of heavy lift capability to get you home?
  10. muahahahahaha! ask subbsonic, he bought me lunch on thursday. i had a salad =| on a fucking great pizza

    anyway, if they don't manage to get the Galaxy to fly me back from the next posting, you won't hear me complaining! or anyone else...
  11. I had originally drafted a lengthy post, explaining why I had asked the question and then commented as I did. I then remembered that I don't need to explain myself to you and condensed it to:

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  12. 48 months so far........only another 36 to go LOLOL!
  13. fight fight fight! :)

    i see we took our happy pill this morning. whats the matter, was the dungeons and dragons get-together cancelled? ;)
  14. Ahww, someone's tired!

    Which might explain silly sweeping statements like OPMIs are still on 24-month tours. Do you even know what FORM is? Within 1 MI Bde it is only the Sy Sects and certain non-FORMed Int Sects that are still on 24 month tours. There are non-ling tours out there that also give 36 month tours and you can always extend a non-FORMED 24 month posting, in the interests of the service, unit, individual, blah, blah, MS speak.
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