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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_d, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I've been trying to volunteer for herrick for the last year as an infanteer and I am still not having any luck. Is it really this frustrating to volunteer for an operational tour? I've started considering jacking the TA all together since i've not mobilised during my 4 years.
  2. You'd have hated the Cold War then, Now **** off and whine to someone who cares!
  3. Have you discussed this with your Chain of Command - Pln Comd/OC ?
    Where is your application failing ? Are the unit holding back on putting names forward because they have a tour coming up ?

    It sounds odd to me. I'd ask for an interview and get your tea-leaves read.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Options are:

    1. Major mobilisation coming up - "1 LOAMSHIRES are to supply 120 PAX for OP HERRICK 16". Thus this becomes the CO's main effort and he will attempt to concentrate all efforts towards it, avoiding sending people in dribs and drabs to other units. Mobilising individuals is fast become an unworkable option for TA Inf. The mandatory pre-mobilisation training is demanding in terms of training time, equipment, specialist instructors etc. Fine to sort out for a cohort of 30+, pointless for the odd individual. You may still be able to go for a one off, but not really ideal for a first tour without the full build up.

    2. You are not ready to deploy yet, and no-one has had the honesty to tell you. Cast an honest glance inwards. Does your CIC report show you as a real star, ready to roll? Or does it show areas of improvement? Have you done loads of Bn training events, giving you the best chance to develop your personal skills or hung around on the edges, doing some but not much? Are you the one helping along the new lads, or are you still under close supervision from your NCOs?

    3. You are in a "difficult to mobilise" category. Student? In a job which is unlikely to be there on your return? Personal circumstances not really conducive to a tour? Likely to be a G1 drama? I took several people off our ptential deployment list for these reasons. Perfectly good blokes and capable, but not suitable for mobilisation this time around because of personal circumstances. They all put their names forward, but most were not actually that upset when told they were not going forward for mobilisation.

    If they have done/are doing the build up for a major mobilisation and you are not on the list, I would suggest that Qs 2 or 3 may be most relevant.
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  6. Is that your excuse?
  7. Bit out of date, Dizzle.
  8. So you've finally been on tour then have you B_B?
  9. I had a similar issue but got there in the end! (you think mobilising the TA Inf. is bad, try R Sigs!!!)

    Just make sure your at a std. to mobilise (actually that hasn't stopped people!!!)

    Keep bugging people and that doesn't work have a chat to your "mobilisation people" and you can always say you "stubbled" upon a pid lol
  10. Or maybe the requirement is starting to wane?

    Clegg: 'Combat troops out by 2014'
    Cameron: 'Troops may start leaving as early as 2011'
    Karzai: 'We want our country back by 2015'
    MOD: '25% cut in Armed Forces budget'
    Fox: 'If the MOD has to pay for Trident, the cuts will be even worse'

    How big do the letters on the poster need to be?

    The TA stepped up to the plate when required. It changed shape to deliver IRs, formed Units and cohorts. It changed it's training mechanism, delivering RTCs out of nothing. It changed it's mission without a SOTR, without any help, and without any money, all to support the Regular Army when it needed help.

    Now, with most of the Regular Army believing that the TA is in existence solely to supply IRs in times of need, such rapid and monocular change may be it's undoing.

    We'd better think of another niche, and quick.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    All true, MrT.

    Of course, the probable outcome of refusing to change to meet the changing needs of the army was that we wouldn't even be here having this discussion now. We would have been dropped as a burden on the MOD budget that was not providing "output" (in terms of warm bodies in desert kit) by about, oh 2004 would be my guess.

    Now - that niche. Anyone fancy going over to Africa and spilling someones pint or calling their bird a poof?
  12. Oy generic Africans jundis with G3s and costumes from The Wild Geese, your tinpot dictator's a poof! Oh and your national debt is pathetic, you aren't even trying...some aid is actually getting through to your own people FFS...

    There you go Duke, war in figures five?
  13. Nope, all the guys from us that wanted a shift got one......dont know why the guy above never got picked up....
  14. I completely concur that had we not changed, we might have still ended up in the pooh but my concern is that we didn't think long term (deep battle!) then and we're not thinking it now.

    There's a slim chance that one of us might come up with a cunning plan and avoid going over the top....

    Shaping a new Defence - Help us get Defence right
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Thinking long term? Have you not seen the new MOD mission statement?

    "plan early, plan twice".