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Does anyone know if there is a maximum amount of time that you can serve as an operationally mobilised reservist? I know people who have extended in Iraq up to about a year but haven't heard of anyone staying much longer. In theory, could someone keep volunteering to extend indefinitely or are there rules against this?

Thanks in advance!
Oh are you another one trying to escape the drug dealers til it all blows over??? I think 18months in 5 years mate from going over some old legislation sh1t but that cud be for broken into three tours not all together.
Cheers mate. That's what I originally thought but have since been told that the '18 months in 5 years' rule applies to compulsory call-ups and not to people who volunteer. No idea if that is correct tho :wink:
Aha. Nah dude the crack is:

Whenevr you volunteer, you volunteer for compulsory call up. You dont volunteer to do the tour. This is where i fooked up and ended up getting bounced off one tour and onto another completley legally. Once you have been compulsory called out twice in 5 years they wont call you up again so that if world war three breaks out they can still get another tour out of you! If you want to volunteer for tours there on in then you have to FTRS or S-Type it. My suggestion to you dude is
1. Avoid Iraq, IED's are hard to beat.
2. If your gonna keep doing tours just join the Regs. You'll love it. No bounty but twice as much stuff to do as in the T.A.

Good luck
I knew a guy who did 2 years in Bosnia as an LO

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