Tour de France in London 2007

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whiffler, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. As it says, and info on BBC site.

    If anyone has an A to Z available, are there any London Streets named after 'shared events' in our history - Crecy Drive or suchlike? Perhaps arrsers can come up with suggestions for a route.
  2. didnt the tour de france come over the channel and do a stage around the isle of wight some years ago?
  3. It would be too easy. Obviously trafalger square figures prominently, perhaps several trips through there. Nip past Waterloo station, we'll rename part of the A1 "agincourt road" and, of course, past the centograph.

    Interestingly (or not), I went on a city tour of Lille once, the guide said the roads in a certain area were all named after great french battles... all two of them :) (seriously, only recognised ONE name)
  4. What date is this happening?

    Can i suggest coiinciding it with the new 'empire day', or 'how wonderful it is to be british' day..... or whatever they decide to call it!

  5. Tour came through south of england in 1994. Rumours were that the 1st stage would start in London and that they would cycle through chunnel to get into frogsville. Dont know if they are still going through tunnel but they are defo in London area. Still wont be the same without Lance Armstrong though...
  6. It was around '93, did a stage in UK - went through Portsmouth... got a few pics somewhere. A good spectacle with all the sponsors cars, team vehicles and then 200 riders belting it up hill.
  7. The tour has visited UK twice before. Once in 1974 in Plymouth and then in 1994 for a stage from Brighton to Portsmouth. It is reported that the crowds for the UK stage of the '94 race were the largest for that year. I have my room booked at a hotel in London for the weekend of the tour in 2007. The '07 tour will have a prologue in London on 7 Jul 07 and then a stage from London to Canterbury on Sun 8 Jul 07 before returning to more usual territory.