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Hope I'm not being a pain in the arse here, I posted this in the charity thread a few days ago but it hasn't had many views so just thought I'd put it to the NAAFI. I was caught up in a debate with friends the other day about the honours list and people saying the olympic gold medallists should all be knighted, I argued that a gold medal should be honour enough and that people like Mark Ormrod would deserve a mention far more, which led me to discover he's doing this huge 3000 mile cycle ride right around the country to raise money for several injured forces charities. I found him on Twitter and wished him luck with it as well as making a donation to which he replied with thanks, and I just thought it would be a good thing to try & get him as much support as possible for it. I even managed to get BAFTA actress Vicky McClure to retweet it to her 32k followers last night which he was really chuffed about.
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Just as an update if anyones interested, Marks now smashing out 30 mile+ stretches of this with ease (its being done as a relay with a couple of other ex-serving who are running or cycling), not bad for a guy who is pedalling a bike with one and a half arms, nails! I'm a civvy cunt in one piece and I'd be fucked after 15 miles, massive respect to him. They're at Kings Lynn now and should be making their way up the east coast over this weekend, all being well passing my work on Monday so I can give them a cheer.

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