Tour Bonus?

My husband was aeromed home and was told he was entitled to the full operational bonus up to the end of what would have been his tour. He got a piece of paper confirming this. However the pay office is saying that to qualify you have to go straight into hospital while he is being treated as an out patient. Not trying to be greedy because I have to admit he didn't think he would get the whole amount but the conflicting advice is a bit annoying.

Does anybody know which is true?
I cant answer the question but hope your husband makes a swift recovery.
Below is an extract from JSP 752 which would seem to confirm your other half's entitlement:


10.1306. Scope. The Operational Allowance is paid for each day that eligible Service personnel are in a SOL where the Allowance has been declared as payable. The geographical boundary includes personnel serving on RN ships in specified waters and those flying sorties over or into a designated operational area, provided that they directly support the operation. Detailed eligibility for aircrew and personnel whose duties require them to fly over or into a SOL are at Annex A.

10.1307. Continuation of the Bonus. The Bonus will be paid:

a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere.

Not knowing the exact details I couldn't give you any more advice at present - feel free to PM if you need anything further.

There is a chance that someone is interpreting the rules i.e.

f the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere
If you take the posters situation literally and apply the rule above, it can be interpreted that he isnt eligible. I.E. he's an out patient therefore isnt hospitalised. Its a good case for clarification from your Command SPS branch.

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