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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by amazing__lobster, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Hi ya,

    I know I posted moaning about my messed up pay, but I need some more advice. I left the Army in September to pursue higher education - I am reading Psychology at university.

    And I was wondering, rather than slog my summer out in a bar for minimum wage so I can afford Heinz Beans instead of Tesco Value when back at uni, would I possibly be able to apply to Glasgow to do a tour as a reservist? I get almost four months off for summer holiday.

    Cheers for any advice,

  2. Any tour you do will last a minimum of 6-9 months. But if you check out the Army. net web site you will find places available on tours in all sorts of places.

    If it's extra cash you are after, why not just join the TA? Plenty of opertunity to earn extra cash and a shed load of work for you during the summer time off period. You probably don't even need to do recruit training either(depending on when you got out).
  3. Advice?

    Never use "Hi Ya" as a form of opening address - unless you want a job on page three of the Sun
  4. Cheers for the advice Devilish, I’ll look into that.

    And to the pedant that replied: Mate, this is an anonymous forum. You have called yourself Hootch, and you are giving advice to a bloke called Amazing Lobster on the etiquette of an opening address, on a forum called Arrse... I really think someone needs to get out more.
  5. holy sh1t... hootch has incoming....

    PEDANT>>>> a person who relies too much on accademic learning (this coming from a STUDENT) or who is concerned cheifly with insignificant detail.

    sounds like your average modern day can't, shall not or won't sprog to me, faaaaaakinell guvnor!
  6. Jesus I'm reading Psychology, and even when I am a qualified Psychologist I don't think I would be able to ascertain that amount of information about someone from a few sentences.

    I also like it how you posted, then probably looked up the word pedant (I always think of it as an observer of petty rules), then added your little bit at the end about what it means and how much of a conformist I am - then called me a sprog! Mate, I’ve left the Army, after serving nearly double what I was supposed to, with an exemplary conduct; although, I do kind'a miss the p*ss taking :twisted: , so cheers for supplying that... for a brief moment there, I thought I was back in. :)
  7. a top bite that... i very much doubt even the more un chav sprog would be able to spell pedant yet alone know the meaning. Showing your age chap!
    Does this constitute a waahh??
  8. heheh, I did try to use the smilies so it wouldn't appear like a bite - looks like I failed there though!