Toughest Sheriff in America

Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

He's been mentioned on this site many times.

Tonight he's on the box, on FIVE US, at 2300.

Could be worth a look.
He the bloke that makes convicts sleep in tents, do hard labour and only tv they can watch is weather channel and kids programs etc?
If so he is class and should do the same thing over here.
Yeah, that guy's a right dcikhead. He's not tough, just an ass-hole. Most of these prisoners are small-time non-violent drug-possessors/dealers. Arpaiao abuses and tortures them until they get out in 6-12 mos., then they take out their new-found rage on innocent citizens.I'm all for being tough on crims, and the French have the right idea in their prisons, but this guy's just a sadistic git. I've seen him interviewed many times, and there's not much goin' on behind the eyes, if you know what I mean.
Yip, a tad surprised. From what I've read in the past I was expecting a real, no nonsense hard nut who runs a tight ship but I'm sorry to say that this guy (although it was from 2001) came across as a total fcukwit.

Admittedly, he doesn't give the cons any latitude (and rightly so) but he shone through as nothing more than a playground bully.

The whole experience seems to be a massive ego trip just to keep himself in power by fulfilling the wet dream fantasies of his ageing redneck community.

I'm all in favour of giving cons a hard time - the UK is a frigging joke - but not for the simple reason of bigging myself up.

The apparently unlawful killing of a prisoner in custody was quite shocking, and the destruction of evidence coupled with his line "There was no evidence to implicate my officers" was somewhat troubling.

The programme gave the impression that it was all a big political game to him. His statement that he would like to be State Governor said it all really. No, I don't think Sheriff Joe would be getting my vote. I'd want a hardliner who was doing it for the community not for himself.

Stand by for incoming........
Saw a recent documentary on German TV the other week about him and his prison and at first I thought he had the right soon dawned on me that most of the prisoners were low level criminals who seemed to be denied some basic human rights purely to satisfy the ego of some tit on a power trip.

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